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We've spoken to Sarah Lessmann, 8 Series global product manager, to have our burning questions answered
James Attwood, digital editor
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15 June 2018

The new BMW 8 Series has arrived, so to get the lowdown on what to expect from the new range-topping model, we speak to its global product manager, Sarah Lessmann.

What was the key goal in developing the 8 Series?

“The most important information is this: we have a sports car set-up. When we announced the 8 Series, everyone thought it would be a ‘son of’ the 7 Series, like the 4 Series is based on the 3 Series, but that wasn’t the way BMW had the idea of doing a sports car.”

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Was it important to make the car close to the 8 Series Concept?

“That’s something we’re very proud of. Normally concept vehicles are quite removed, but on this car there are only a few design details we had to change for legal requirements, such as flattening the shark nose grille a bit.”

Why does the interior differ from other BMW models?

“With the 8 Series, BMW gets back to the driver orientation: the driver is the centre, and anything around their ‘workspace’ is set up to make them comfortable behind the wheel.”

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15 June 2018

So what happened to that stunning coupe concept we saw?


Bloated and “filled out” until it resembles a slightly swooping version of EVERY OTHER BMW on sale today...

17 June 2018
Theojw71 wrote:


Quite. When BMW claims this is proper sports car, Autocar should immediately ask how much it weighs. I take by the absence of any kg figures, both BMW and Autocar have forgotten that sports cars are more about weight than power.

Power gets you along the straights, but (lack of) weight gets you nicely round the corners!

That's how I'd like my sports car - powerful but light.   This looks powerful-ish but bloated as hell.

15 June 2018
This is no more a sports car or 911 competitor than a 7 series is a Rolls Royce competitor. BMW are fooling themselves and their customers.

Nice looking car though.

16 June 2018

 You need a new Brush, sweeping statement alert!

15 June 2018

Must have been a short chat this one!

16 June 2018

The title should read something like "BMW Product Manager Claims 8 Series is a Sports Car".  It almost certainly isn't a sports car.  You know it.  I know it.  


Autocar is supposed to be a legitimate medium for motoring enthusiasts.  Not a mouthpiece for pea brained marketing types.  Or have I got it wrong?



17 June 2018

  Have you seen actual Video of this Car?, well, go on Youtube, this very Car is used , it’s seem moving, in another (AutonExpress web page) Video you get to watch a 5,6 minutes walk round inside and out, ok, BMW don’t want you to see there latest I-drive but you get to see a great interior, go and watch it, then make an informed opinion.....

16 June 2018

The global product manager certainly had little to say about this new 8 series. It must have been hard to defend what is a generic uninspired design.

16 June 2018

don't see the point to call it "8" apart from increase price....basically everything from dimension to engine are carry over from previous generation "6"

16 June 2018

 Have a look yourself, it’s on Auto express web page on you tube...!


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