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First official teaser images - full official images on Monday at 7pm

These are the first official images of the new BMW 5-series saloon, which have leaked out ahead of the car’s official unveiling on Monday evening.

Although the car remains partially covered, further details have been seen on lightly-disguised 5-series saloon and estate models that have been spied in recent weeks as the firm enters the final stages of development of the car.

New BMW 5-series pictured - official teaser images

Styling will be much more conservative than the current model, but it will feature a larger version of the firm’s trademark kidney front grille.

It will share its platform with the recently-launched BMW 5-series GT, which itself uses a chopped down 7-series platform. BMW will apply much of what it has learned developing the ride and handling of the GT into the 5-series.

The car will be slightly larger than the outgoing model but thanks to weight-saving measures it should be no heavier. However, BMW has abandoned its use of lightweight aluminium on key parts of the car, opting instead for an all-steel arrangement.

BMW’s M division has already started work on the next-generation M5, which will feature turbocharging for the first time.

New BMW 5-series spiedNext BMW M5: full details

It will use the firm’s new twin-turbo V8 seen in the X5 M and X6 M and the new M5 will continue the car’s tradition of being more powerful than the one it replaces. Despite this, it will still be more fuel efficient, with reduced emissions.

Little is known at this stage about the new 5-series Touring, but like the saloon, it will be longer, wider and bigger inside than the car it replaces. The boot space is likely to be increased from the maximum 1650 litres in the current car, but it is unlikely to grow beyond the 1950 litres of its biggest rival, the new Mercedes E-class estate.

There will be new codenames for the 2010 5-series: F10 for the saloon, F11 for Touring, F10M for the M5 and F07 for the Gran Turismo.

BMW will launch the car live online on 23 November at 7pm GMT.

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Lanehogger 23 November 2009

Re: New BMW 5-series pictured

JackB wrote:
It looks like an inflated E46 (facelift version). Admitedly, the current 5-series is an incredibly tough act to follow, as it hardly dated at all since its launch.

Looks are entirely subjective, but i think the current 5-Series's detailing made it an awkard looking car that's gradually looked worse and dated as the years have rolled on. It's easy to make car look distinctive, even radical, without looking ill-proportioned or ugly.

pdmc 23 November 2009

Re: New BMW 5-series pictured

Car and Driver have been carrying images of the new model since last week.

It doesn't exactly push the styling envelope and clearly isn't as controversial as the last model... but then again it doesn't need to. Bangle's cars were all about making BMW current... because their previous cars were beginning to look a little too conservative and staid. That jobs been done now, Bangle is gone and this is the next wave of more evolutionary models. All I'm thankful for is that it is not just a saloon version of the hideous 5 GT. Reminds me a lot of that design study they produced a couple of years ago. The CS was it?
qpgkx the unpro... 23 November 2009

Re: New BMW 5-series pictured

Unfortunately this is going to be just like every other BMW 5 series, absolutely brilliant. If this was the product of a British car company we would all be praising it to the heavens.