BMW shows an undisguised 1-series M Coupé in official teaser video
9 December 2010

BMW has shown its new 1-series M Coupé undisguised for the first time in an official teaser video.

These screen grabs are from the video posted on YouTube, where different parts of the car were revealed briefly, including its front three quarters and a head-on shot, as well as details such as its alloys, M badging and starter button.

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Albert Biermann, the man behind its development has said the M Coupé will boast somewhere in the region of 350bhp from its twin-turbo 3.0-litre straight six from the Z4 sDrive35iS — around 50bhp more than the 135i upon which it is based – and it will be mated to a six-speed manual gearbox.

Transferring drive to the road is a lightly tweaked version of the M3’s M differential.

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With a kerb weight that, Biermann says, undercuts the 135i’s 1455kg and closely stacked ratios, acceleration is not too far from the supercar league. It has a target 0-62mph time of 5.0sec, placing it 0.3sec inside that quoted for the 135i.

M division has focused much of its attention on the chassis, as evidenced by its wider tracks and lower ride height.

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Our Verdict

BMW 1 Series

A final facelift for the rear-wheel drive BMW 1 Series, as it aims to take class honours from the formidable Audi A3 and the Mercedes-Benz A-Class

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9 December 2010

Hope it has 4 wheel drive option for the UK - It's been intersting watching BMW's in the snow we've had recently and they have been left at home by many in favour of the family clio run around!

9 December 2010

[quote dawesy]Hope it has 4 wheel drive option for the UK - It's been intersting watching BMW's in the snow we've had recently and they have been left at home by many in favour of the family clio run around!

This is absolutely ridiculous. As I've mentioned on here before I grew up in Norway and my parents still live there, and happily drive all year round with 2WD BMWs. It's down to the tyres and the technique really. They even drive to our place in the mountains, where there is heavy snowfall all through the winter and I've yet to hear of them getting stuck.

On the subject of this car, I don't understand the 0-62 time. It's widely known that with tuning the 135i will perform the sprint in the high 4's. I'm not saying this is a reason to not buy the 1M, as I'm sure it'll be a hoot to drive in a way that a standard 135i just isn't, but I wish they would extract just a little more oomph from the engine. Then again, I'm sure some of the reputable remappers like DMS will be out soon with a 400bhp upgrade...

9 December 2010

I didn't realise Halfords had become the styling division for BMW...

9 December 2010

And people moan about Porsche and derivative styling......

There is hardly any surprise there - it's sort of a M3'd 1 series.



It's all about the twisties........

9 December 2010


9 December 2010

Can't wait to see this barnstormer baiting Caymans!

9 December 2010

Just shows what a bargin the standard 135i is. You can get the ECU upgraded for about about £500 to give 380bhp. M sport suspension is available via BMW performance range and because it is based on a 3 series M3 suspension parts fit.

9 December 2010

I agree with above comment about tyres in the snow. There are a lot of 2wd BMWs here in Germany and there is no issue with being stuck in the snow because everyone has the correct tyres fitted. As for the 1series M coupe. Love it. Now if they just did a hatch version for the kids etc.....

9 December 2010

Is that the Stig at the wheel?

9 December 2010

.[quote dawesy]It's been intersting watching BMW's in the snow we've had recentl[/quote] Oh dear oh dear. Why don't people think before they type?? a RWD bmw, or Porsche, or Merc, or any other make will be fine in bad weather with the right tyres. A FWD car also requires the correct tyres in bad weather too [quote dawesy]Hope it has 4 wheel drive option for the UK[/quote] Er, no!


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