Currently reading: Bentley line-up to grow
Mulsanne and Continental ranges to be extended due to customer demand

Bentley is likely to offer an increasing number of variants of the Mulsanne and Continental due to growing demand.

Spin-off models of both cars have long been rumoured, and CEO Wolfgang Durheimer has now officially confirmed these are under discussion.

“We can make more of the Continental line up than we have today,” he said. “I could see it developing as the 911 derivatives did; lightweight models, special models, that was a very successful strategy.

“With the Mulsanne we get requests all the time for a longer wheelbase model, for instance. The question is whether we do it as a special order or put it on the model line. We are evaluating it, but I have no doubt we could also sell that type of car in the US and China.”

A Mulsanne convertible and coupe are also said to be under consideration.

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