Currently reading: Autocar salutes its five-star road test cars with new award
The Autocar Star award celebrates the cars that have managed to achieve a five-star rating in our in-depth road test

Autocar has honoured the cars that have achieved its maximum five-star road test rating at a new awards ceremony in London this evening. 

To mark the fact that Autocar's road test process is far more thorough than any competitor's, manufacturers whose cars achieve a five-star road test verdict will now receive a trophy commemorating their achievement.

In this inaugural year of the Autocar Star awards, eight award winners have been revealed – the three cars that have achieved five-star ratings in the past 12 months and five other five-star models still in production.

The Autocar Stars award goes to the following cars:

Jaguar XFR

Ferrari 458

Morgan 3 Wheeler

BMW 3-series 320d

Toyota GT86

Porsche Cayman

Mercedes-Benz S-class

McLaren P1

Also awarded at the Autocar Stars ceremony was the Sturmey Award for innovation and achievement and the Issigonis Trophy, which goes to the individual who has contributed most to the health, excellence and world competitiveness of the industry.

Read more about the new Autocar Sturmey Award for innovation here.

Read more about the new Autocar Issigonis Trophy here.


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Winston Churchill 9 May 2014


Nobody cares about these awards. They're meaningless and pointless.
Tom Chet 9 May 2014

P.S. Boxster?

I think you forgot the Porsche Boxster when compiling the list of 5 star cars.
Tom Chet 9 May 2014

1 star cars

This is all very well but I think you need to address the overall ratings you issue in car reviews. It feels like 80% of your tests conclude with the award of four, three and a half or three stars. The usual defence of the incredibly low rate of 1 and 2 star cars is that "there are no bad cars nowadays". I agree that the days of the Nissan Stanza and FSO Polonez are long past but surely the rating system should move with the times. Shouldn't the star rating compare a car to its peers rather than to an absolute standard of quality? Thus within one class of car couldn't you, for example, give 5% of them 5 stars, 20% 4 stars, 40% 3 stars, 35% 2 stars & 5% 1 star? (obviously adjust these proportions as you see fit) That would swiftly guide us to your view of the best cars in the class and away from the merely competent.