Currently reading: Austrian firm launches 1325bhp Milan Red hypercar
Limited-run hypercar rejects hybrid power for turbocharged V8 to rival Bugatti Chiron
Tom Morgan, deputy digital editor
2 mins read
30 July 2018

New Austrian company Milan Automotive has revealed its first car, the Red.

The hypercar is named after the bird of prey red kite and will have a limited production run of just 99 examples.

Designed to show what Austrian companies are capable of, the Red won’t rely on a hybrid or electric powertrain. Instead, it will use a 6.2-litre, quad-turbocharged V8 engine to deliver 1325bhp solely to the rear wheels. The Koenigsegg Regera produces more power overall, but requires three electric motors in addition to a turbocharged V8 engine.

With a kerb weight estimated at 1300kg, the Red should achieve the 0-62mph sprint in 2.47sec and on to an estimated top speed of 249mph. These performance figures would make the Red a close match for Bugatti's previous flagship model, the Veyron. While the newer Chiron is more potent, Milan Automotive will be targeting the same customers with this exclusive production run.

"Nowadays, you can drive an artistic car, a high-tech monster, a throne on four wheels — or a car that only serves one purpose: stealing the show,” Milan Automotive CEO Markus Fox explained. “This is where we come into play."

According to the company, the Red will be the first street-legal car with wishbone suspension made entirely from carbon. The exterior has also been shaped to minimise drag.

The design and performance of any hypercar are meant to set pulses racing, but Milan Automotive is keen to reinforce this point: it is planning to display a visualisation of the driver’s heartbeat inside the cabin.

No further details have been revealed so far, but 18 of the planned 99 cars have already been accounted for. Pricing is expected to be in the region of €2 million.


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30 July 2018

  Just another Hypercar that because of its small build number and because it won’t give the current hypercars anything to worry about, they will become an oddity, forgotten about.

30 July 2018

Almost every week a start-up company announces the production of a limited edition hypercar, so many examples have been accounted for, so the company always boast. Seems like rarity value is enough to entice ultra-rich customers. Performance figures dazzle these ultra-rich as much as the number of zeros in their bank accounts. As for looks and desirability, who cares? If the owner gets rid of it after a suitable length of time, he'll probably make a profit due to the car's rarity value.

What's so disappointing is that these Autocar articles on hypercars never have any critical edge.

30 July 2018
You have to respect the stylists for that - it's certainly not going to be mistaken for anthing else - but I don't think anyone's going to fall in love with it. Mind you, anything without batteries and electric motors is alright with me.

30 July 2018

30 July 2018

The question is, do we need it and will this car ever get built?

30 July 2018
Looks like it was designed by an 11 year old. Not in a good way either.

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