Audi makes bold claim regarding Audi A1's fit and finish
22 January 2010

The Audi A1 will be the "first fully-fledged premium automobile in its segment" according to the brand's Head of Quality, Werner Zimmermann.

Zimmermann makes the claim in the latest Audi A1 teaser video, which has been reelased as part of the build up to the car's launch at the Geneva motor show in March.

Audi A1 official teaser pic

He added: "Evidence of the premium character of the A1 is found in every last detail in the interior – in the selection of the materials, in their processing and in the tight, even gaps.

"The surface of the instrument panel is softly backed with foam; all buttons and controls move precisely; even the pull handle that unlatches the hood release does so crisply and precisely."

Pictures of the car with its ambassador Justin Timberlake leaked onto the internet before christmas. See them by following the link below.

Audi A1: first pic leaked

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Our Verdict

Audi A1 review hero lead

The Audi A1 is a stylish and competent supermini, if a little expensive - but does it have the edge over the Mini hatch, Seat Ibiza and Ford Fiesta?

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22 January 2010

I just don´t get the obsession with gaps and surfaces in an interior in a car, of course it is nice when everything fits and the finish looks as if it was meant to be this way, but who cares if the plastic feels like leather or if it is soft and foamed, I don´t touch it the whole day, all I know from my parents´ A3 that the surfaces of the interior are really hard to clean, they seem to magically hold all the Dust in their pores. Make the damn car lighter, more economical than the sibbling Polo, now that would be premium, not all that marketing BS, just tired of it.

22 January 2010

I cant really see whose gonna buy one of these. The trendy and fashionable people will already have an A4, A6, a Q7 bus or a Mini already, it won't be big enough as a family car and probably would only be a third car for most families. It will drive like all front wheel drive Audi's (very boring with a numb feel). So unless it drives better than a Mini its gonna flop just like the A2 did.

22 January 2010

[quote JontyB]I cant really see whose gonna buy one of these[/quote]

Every Mini driver who didn't buy their car because of how it drives but because of how it looks. Which is about 99% of them.

They will sell by the boatload.

22 January 2010

I'll probably be shouted at on here but I'm easily swayed by a 'soft-touch', premium interior. If I had the choice between a sporty handling car with an average interior or an average handling car with an excellent interior, I'd probably go with the latter.

Having said that, though, I'm not particularly interested in the A1, haha.

22 January 2010

I'm so glad they've made the hood release operate crisply and precisely...its something that has always bugged me about my previous cars....

Really, who writes this stuff?


22 January 2010

Another free advertisement from Autocar to Audi - only days ago we had the "Breaking News" mega-story that the A1 would be available with a different coloured roof - big WOW. Now it's this rubbish - Autocar what are you thinking?????????????

22 January 2010

Finally we got to see the man behind the Audi quality, Werner Zimmermann.

If I ever would consider buying an Audi...
then I will think of him, dressed in a green hat telling German jokes

22 January 2010

What is this obsession with "premium"?,if your going to build a small car don't start by trying to do an Aston Martin Cynet!, not everybody want an over engineered 2+2, this dig your own garden atitude by ignoring hybrid tech, the last thing we all need is a £20K+ fashion car, we need-you need a car that the masses CAN afford, surely you make more by building what we want?.

Peter Cavellini.

22 January 2010

Typical Audi, take a VW, put some fancy clothes and then release videos, brochures and press stuff about quality plastics inside. Has any of these teasers mentioned chassis, engines, consumption...?

22 January 2010

I can't wait to drop into an Audi dealership and ask to try the bonnet release or 'reelase' as Autocar spell it!

What a load of rubbish. If the car is going to so premium then the only time the bonnet will be released is when the gresae monkey in the dealership pulls it with his oily fingers.

Has it really come to this to find the edge over your competitor? what next?, foam backed suspension to give it that premium feel, aaaahhh @#~'''@@@€$£%.


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