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Picture of Audi A1 with Justin Timberlake posted on Facebook

The first image of what is believed to be the production version of the Audi A1 has leaked out ahead of the car's official unveiling at the Geneva motor show in March.

Audi has signed Justin Timberlake as an ambassador for the brand, and the picture posted on Facebook indicates that part of his role will be to promote the firm’s new supermini.

Earlier this week, Audi launched an internet campaign designed to drip-feed Audi A1 information ahead of its official launch. The first teaser pics - created by a graffiti artist – were posted, along with an interview with Audi boss Rupert Sadler and two of the car’s designers.

The upmarket supermini, due to go on sale at the end of 2010, is likely to be priced from around £13,000 for the base three-door model, although the bulk of the range will retail at between £15,000 to £20,000.

The new A1 will share a lot of mechanicals with the recently launched VW Polo. Exact details are scarce, but it’s likely to be powered by a range of existing VW Group engines and some newly developed motors.

Audi sources say that the company is keen to offer A1 buyers a similar ownership experience to that of the Mini. That’s likely to include a wide range of options to personalise your car. The company is also planning an all-in service package, designed to give a fixed ownership cost over three or five years.

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VX220EDDIE 19 December 2009

Re: Audi A1: first pic leaked

well that could be any other audi all look the same i could have designed this myself

Lotus Man 18 December 2009

Re: Audi A1: first pic leaked

Must say I am shocked at how it looks....the lines and the lights are all so avantgarde....actually what a load of tosh!

JezyG 18 December 2009

Re: Audi A1: first pic leaked

go_coop wrote:
Uncle Mellow wrote:
This car appears to look very angry
Looks like a Polo with PMS

That because it pretty much is a Polo in new clothes and a few chassis tweaks. It will do well and nice to have a wider choice than a Mini or a Mito. For Audi it is a good way to attract new people into the brand. Plenty of women out there want a stylish small car hence using JT. With Fords current rate of price increses will be cheaper than a like for like Fiesta!!!