Audi shows the LED daytime running lights in the lastest A1 teaser details
18 January 2010

Audi's new A1 has been designed with the "sportiness of the R8 and elegance of the A8", according to the firm's latest teaser details about the car.

Audi's light designer Andre Georgi made the statement in the latest of a series of videos about the A1, designed to build up interest in the car ahead of its launch at Geneva in March.

Audi A1 official teaser pic

"On the A1, the front gets its character from a completely new form of LED daytime running lights," he said. "We have given our newcomer the sportiness of the R8 and the elegance of the A8.

"The new LED technology with fibre optics enables us to draw extremely precise, continuous lines. In this way complex graphics are created in the interplay between the daytime running lights, the turn signals and the dipped headlights."

Audi says the A1's lights have been designed to mimic an eagle's wing or an athlete in the starting blocks. Pictures of the car with its ambassador Justin Timberlake leaked onto the internet before christmas.

Audi A1: first pic leaked

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Audi A1

The A1 is a stylish, high quality and competent supermini, if a little expensive, but does it have the edge over the Mini hatch, Seat Ibiza and the Ford Fiesta?

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18 January 2010

Wow. The Audi A1 will have ..... lights!

18 January 2010

These teaser pics are just ridiculous...these Companies are so up themselves....

18 January 2010

The car must be a real dog if Audi thinks it needs this much hype to sell it.

19 January 2010

"Official teaser". "Sportiness of the R8 and elegance of the A8". "The A1's lights have been designed to mimic an eagle's wing or an athlete in the starting blocks" This is brilliant; I'm seriously thinking of selling my wife and kids into white slavery to buy one. Perhaps my grand mother as well. Then have my brain replaced with a cabbage.

  • If you want to know about a car, read a forum dedicated to it; that's a real 'long term test' . No manufacturer's warranty, no fleet managers servicing deals, no journalist's name to oil the wheels...

22 January 2010

"Audi says the A1's lights have been designed to mimic an eagle's wing"

Ah, not like the A3, then, whose daytime running lights were designed to look like Clarence the cross-eyed lion....

Light Designer!! They need one guy in a polo neck and skinny rims for that?? No wonder they're so expensive...

22 January 2010

Quite agree...what's the point of a teaser shot when we've already seen the prodcution model pics with Justin Timberlake on the internet...

The guy posing in front of it also looks like a total twat

22 January 2010

[quote jtc911]The guy posing in front of it also looks like a total ***[/quote]

I was just thinking that. Could he be more smug?

22 January 2010

[quote blowerbentley]

Wow. The Audi A1 will have ..... lights!


.......That most drivers of Audi's seem incapable of switching off, because instead of a simple on/off button you have to navigate through endless MMI screens to get to it.

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