Currently reading: 2024 Aston Martin DBX to gain touchscreen in wide-reaching update
Top-selling SUV will receive cockpit overhaul based on new DB12 "in the near future"

The new Aston Martin DBX will receive a wide-reaching interior update with a new infotainment system taken from the DB12 sports car “in the near future”, company chairman Lawrence Stroll said.

The top-selling DBX has an outdated infotainment system sourced from Mercedes-Benz that uses a trackpad to control the screen instead of a touchscreen, a set-up that has been criticised by some users for lagging the competition. The DB12 features a new touchscreen with software designed by Aston Martin (pictured below).

Stroll confirmed the updates to the DBX in the company’s third-quarter earnings call in response to a question from JPMorgan analyst Akshat Kacker, who referenced the new DB12 interface by saying that “a lot of customers might be waiting for an update on the SUV as well”. 

"On DBX, the new infotainment, the new interiors, will continue along the line of DB12 and will be in the marketplace in the near future," Stroll said in reply to the question, without being more specific on timings. Autocar has asked Aston Martin for a more precise indication of the new DBX's launch date.

Aston Martin has lost sales in its key market of China this year, where demand for the DBX has been strong. The market is much more focused on high-tech interiors, putting the DBX on the back foot against more up-to-date competition such as the BMW XM.

However, Aston Martin said DBX sales overall are up 23% in the first nine months, driven by the hot DBX 707, which accounted for 70% of the SUV’s total sales this year. DBX sales made up just over half of all Aston’s sales so far this year, highlighting the importance of the model.

Problems around integration of the new software platform on the DB12 had held back deliveries of the new sports car, CEO Amedeo Felisa said on the call. “We had some issues on software, but I think everything now is fixed,” he said.

The DBX started production in 2020 in Aston Martin’s St Athan plant in South Wales and was redesigned to create the 707 version, named for its power figure in PS (697bhp), in 2022. However, the dashboard has remained largely unchanged.


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Peter Cavellini 25 November 2023

Always thought it was like buying in a chassis and interior and designing an Aston body to cover it,sort of like back in the early 20thCentury, there's too many haptic buttons which become distracting, and a family car?, yes, but so are most cars excluding hypercars and the like.

The Apprentice 25 November 2023

When the DBX came out I saw a few on the road, alas have not seen one for a very long time now. What happened to those early adopters who knows.I think that is a pity as I personally think it looks fantastic and performs very well yet can be a family friendly daily driver, also something a bit different among other performance SUV's. I really wanted it to do well. Perhaps its an export success?

Symanski 3 November 2023

The dashboard was terrible.   Another Reichman disaster.   It was in the DB11 so why repeat it in the DBX?   It was another crazy decision to follow anything that Reichman has done for Aston Martin.


But the DB12 dashboard looks like its got parts from a child's play tool kit from Tesco.   Not good enough, not even close.


Dash integration in the DB12 is poor with masses of unused space, and the screen being hidden far too low down.   Very poorly done.


Aston needs to find a competent designer.


IiIiIiIiIiI 4 November 2023

You have acute schizophrenia 

bgreenstone 26 November 2023

Yes, he does, but he's the reason I've read the comments on Aston Martin for the last 10 years.  His hatred of Marek is my favorite part.