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French firm moves from ‘niche’ maker to global player with wide-reaching EV crop and £200 million F1 investment

Alpine will launch seven new EVs by 2030 as part of a wide-reaching initiative to cement the brand as a key player on the world stage, fuelled by a £200 million investment in its Formula 1 team.

Announced today during the firm's investor day at its F1 team’s headquarters, the plan calls for Alpine's electric models to launch from 2024 before a 2027 expansion to worldwide markets begins and brings a line-up tailored to new markets such as the US. The French firm hopes this will move it away from being a niche player to a global brand.

Drawing on its ‘dream garage’ approach toward EVs, the seven-strong range kicks off with the B-segment A290, based on the Renault 5 EV's CMFB-EV platform, followed by a C-segment Crossover GT a year later and then the electric A110 in 2027. The A310, an A110-based four-seat sports coupé, will launch by 2030 and sit on the same APP platform as the electric A110. 

Two new D- and E-segment cars are also confirmed for 2028/2029, which are likely to create Alpine rivals for the Porsche Macan and Porsche Cayenne that could sit on a Lotus platform, as reported by Autocar earlier this year.

The company has confirmed that it is developing technology that will be used alongside the electric drivetrains in its future road cars, such as a hydrogen combustion engine. This could be used in the firm's forthcoming Hypercar, which could be based on the student-designed A4810 concept, shown last year and said to “embrace the latest-generation technologies”.

Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi said: "This comprehensive range of sports cars will cement our market share in our key markets in Europe and Japan. It will turbocharge our international growth, particularly in the USA and Asia, where our new models will be on sale from 2027." 

Rossi said the firm's goal is to move away from being a niche brand and become a global institution. The French firm is targeting an operating margin of more than 10% by 2030 and is looking to earn over €8 billion (£6.8bn) in revenue by 2030 after breaking even in 2026. 

Working with Renault Group firms, Alpine says it is looking to create the "sports car of tomorrow", with expertise on in-car software coming from Ampere, and financial service plans developed by Mobilize, a firm that, Alpine expects, will account for 30% of its total turnover by 2030. 

Alpine has also announced that the firm in charge of its F1 team, Alpine Racing Ltd, has partnered with Otro Capital, RedBird Capital Partners and Maximum Effort Investments to become a group of firms it calls 'The Investor Group'. 

This brings a £200 million investment, some of which originates from media personalities such as Ryan Reynolds, Michael Jordan and Rob McElhenney. 

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