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Reworked 7 Series uses turbocharged V8 with increased pressure

Alpina’s new B7 Biturbo is capable of doing 205mph, thanks to the power gains produced by its heavily reworked V8 engine.

Peak output of the car’s 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged unit is 600bhp and 590lb ft (156bhp and 111lb ft more than the 750i), helped by an increase in boost pressure from 1.0 to 1.2 bar, which is fed by a wider-bore intake system.

Alpina has also fitted a new direct intercooler system to improve the engine’s temperature management, something the firm claims enables it to handle high loads for long periods of time.

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The car’s eight-speed ZF gearbox, which can be controlled manually via buttons on the back of the steering wheel, has also been retuned, with additional cooling, strengthened gear clusters and a larger torque converter.

UK cars come exclusively in rear-wheel drive and with a long wheelbase body, but even in this heavier form are capable of accelerating from 0-62mph in 4.0sec.

The car rolls on Alpina’s Classic design 20in wheels as standard, with 21in items available as an option. It gets unique chassis control settings for its Active Roll Stabilisation system and air suspension. The car also sits 20mm lower in Sport+ mode and has retuned rear steering.

The B7 Biturbo is on sale now, priced from £115,000.

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Peter Cavellini 19 July 2017

Your choice.....?

Well yes, your money your choice,I don't think it works in Britain, if your paying that much for a Car you would want to be driven, but, in Europe it's more likely, we in Britain would prefer to drive the Car for the enjoyment,so maybe a 5 series variant would be better suited.....?

Lanehogger 19 July 2017

£20k less than a M760i

Even though the B7 is RWD, it's a massive £20k less than BMW's own equivalent, the M760i. Which is what the BMW driver will lose within minutes of driving it off the forecourt. On paper at least it seems a no brainer to plump for the Alpina.



eseaton 19 July 2017

That is a very fast car for

That is a very fast car for £115k, and it will be hilariously good value as a used buy.