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Firm reports expressions of interest high enough to cover two years of production

McLaren has had more than 2700 firm expressions of interests from people interested in buying its new MP-12C.

The initial expressions of interests, if converted into sales, are enough to account for at least two years of MP4-12C production.

See the McLaren MP4-12C in action at Goodwood

The MP4-12C was first seen in public at the Goodwood Festival of Speed earlier this month and it proved to be a hit with showgoers, as well as prospective customers.

The MP4 is now entering its final stages of development - having completed more than one million test miles on five continents - and building work is underway at the McLaren Production Centre where the car will be built from early 2011, although initial production will commence at the McLaren Technology Centre later this year.

The MP4 has been given a target price of less than £175,000, and company boss Ron Dennis has pledged that buyers will not only get the fastest car money can buy, but also the highest build quality and highest level of dealer and aftersales support from any car manufacturer.

The MP4’s Ricardo-developed twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre 90-degree V8 engine will rev to 8500rpm, with its maximum 592bhp output arriving at 7000rpm. The peak 442lb ft of torque is available from 3000rpm, although 80 per cent is available between 2000-6500rpm.

McLaren says the car will travel from 0-124mph in less than ten seconds, and stop from 124mph in less than five seconds. It will stop from 100mph in 30 metres - or seven car lengths.

McLaren will follow up the MP4-12C with an all-new F1 in 2012, as well as a smaller, entry-level supercar.

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Maj1c 14 July 2010

Re: 2700 interested in McLaren MP4

disco.stu wrote:
Actually, Ferrari is the original F1 team building road cars. Ferrari started his road car business as a way of funding his racing team, a practice that continues to this day.

While historically true, I don't think this is the case today.

Ferrari is 85% owned by the Fiat Group and 5% by Mubadala, the reamining 10% I think still owned by the Ferrari family. The Fiat group are a plc congolmorate with interests across the board and revenue of about 50b euro.

jelly7961 13 July 2010

Re: 2700 interested in McLaren MP4

matsoc wrote:
There is something wrong in the specs, 30 meters from 100 mph to 0??

disco.stu 12 July 2010

Re: 2700 interested in McLaren MP4

TStag wrote:
So Ferrari didn't outsource design of their F1 cars to the Brits then? Must have imagined that. Mclaren have always designed their F1 cars. In this sense they are purer.

Hahaha, no. McLaren outsourced their 2007 and 2008 F1 designs to Ferrari ;)