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New pics of an uncovered GT C coupé have landed three months after AMG boss Tobias Moers confirmed the model was due
Sam Sheehan
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15 December 2016

Mercedes-AMG GT C coupé has been spotted undisguised three months before the model's anticipated world debut.

The GT C coupé follows the GT C roadster and will use the same 549bhp twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine to sit between the GT S and GT R models.

Along with its more potent engine, which produces 47bhp more than the AMG GT S, the GT C gains altered gear ratios for its seven-speed Speedshift dual clutch transaxles. The GT C's transaxle also has a higher first and lower seventh gear, as well as a lower final drive than the regular GT Coupé.

Also added to the GT C is the active air management system that was first seen on the hardcore GT R. It uses a series of vertical louvres within the grille, which automatically open and close depending on the temperature of the engine to either enhance cooling or smooth airflow.

The GT C coupé is likely to be slightly faster than the roadster due to a lighter kerbweight, meaning it should accelerate from 0-62mph in under 3.7sec and top out at more than 196mph.

As shown by the photographed car, the GT C coupé will wear more aggressive bodywork and swelled rear arches, like its roadster sibling. The photographed car is an Edition 50 model, which will be launched to celebrate AMG's 50th year and come with extra standard kit and bespoke trim.

Pricing for the GT C coupé will slightly undercut that of the GT C roadster, which starts at £138,565 (£3800 less than the GT R costs).

An inside source told Autocar that the GT C coupé was likely to arrive after a refreshed GT range, which is due to be shown at the Detroit motor show in January. The Geneva motor show in March, therefore, stands out as the most probable venue.


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Later on, the GT range is set to expand further with a range-topping Black Series model. Confirmed by AMG boss Tobias Moers back in September, the car could produce in excess of 600bhp.

Mercedes is understood to be undecided as to whether it'll produce a roadster version of its GT R.

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15 December 2016
We need GT A, GT B, GT D, .... GT XYZ.

15 December 2016
It's a weird car, proportions are all wrong, the back reminds me of a porsche.. it may be fast but will people in the market for these kind of cars inn this price range really choose this ?

15 December 2016
seems to mind those proportions on a jaguar e-type coupe... I love this car's looks but I don't think I could bring myself to buy one of I had the money, purely down to Merc's infotainment and controls.

15 December 2016
S­­u­­p­­e­­­­r E­­a­­si­­e­­st 0n­­l!­­nee H­­o­­me o­­ppo­­rt­­un­­ity fo­­r a­­ll. ma­­ke 8­­7 D­­o­­ll­­ar­­s p­­e­­r ­­h­­o­­u­­r a­­nd M­­ake ­­52­­512 ­­Do­­llars ­­pe­­r m­­o­­nth.­­Al­­l ­­yo­­u j­­ust N­­e­­ed an ­­In­­­­te­­rn­­et C­­onne­­ct­­ion and a ­­C­­ompu­­ter To Ma­­ke Som­­e Ex­­tra c­­a­­sh.
V­­i­­sit­­e­­ t­­­­hi­­s li­­n­­­­k­­­­


16 December 2016
Tuffty wrote:

seems to mind those proportions on a jaguar e-type coupe... I love this car's looks but I don't think I could bring myself to buy one of I had the money, purely down to Merc's infotainment and controls.

Actually I never find the E-type coupe a balanced design.
Whether the designer acknowledges the influence or not, this AMG GT is based on the "Ulenhaut" SLR coupe of the 1950s. That had a straight-eight which required the long bonnet. But this car runs a V8 so the extra long bonnet is probably more style than necessity.

21 December 2016
I find neither the e-type or the ulenhaut balanced and yet both are beautiful imho. The closest you get to this look today is in a shooting brake. That said, looks are subjective. I was, after all, a huge fan of the Z3 & z4 coupes whilst hating their much more popular roadster couterparts.

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