Currently reading: 2016 Jaguar F-Pace to spawn SUV family
Jaguar's upcoming mid-size SUV will be the first in a new family of models, with coupé and and electric Jaguars planned

Jaguar is planning a radical family of premium SUVs to run alongside the new Jaguar F-Pace, to be launched early next year - and the range could include a baby rival to the Mini Countryman and Audi Q1.

The F-Pace will be the first competitor Jaguar has had to the likes of BMW’s X models and Audi’s Q range, potentially opening up thousands of new sales as the SUV market continues to expand.Company insiders have all but confirmed additional models, saying: “Don’t think in terms of one more SUV - think a family of SUVs.”

The smallest, Q1-sized SUV would be little more than four metres in length. The company is believed to see more brand cachet in a small SUV than in a supermini and, crucially, it would be able to charge more for a jacked-up baby model than it would a rival for the Audi A1 or Mini hatchbacks.

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A larger model than the F-Pace is not thought to be part of Jaguar’s plans. There had been speculation that a seven-seat, long-wheelbase SUV was in the pipeline, but company insiders have indicated the performance intentions of the Jaguar SUVs will make a model larger than the F-Pace unlikely.

This sporty intention means that coupé versions are also thought to be likely. These will rival similar cars from fellow premium manufacturers.

BMW and Mercedes-Benz already offer coupé-styled SUVs, with more to follow. BMW’s X6 and X4 will be joined by the X2 next year, while Mercedes will add a GLC Coupé to join its existing GLE Coupé in 2017. Audi also plans to release a Q6 and a Q8 in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

Like their rivals, any coupé offshoots of the F-Pace would have sweeping lines, although it is likely they would be available only with four passenger doors rather than two.

The sporty nature of the new family of SUVs will not be confined to their styling, as they look set to do justice to the ‘Pace’ suffix in their name.

It is expected that Jaguar will offer R and SVR versions of its SUVs, since the company plans to pitch the models as technical flagships.

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Previously, Steven de Ploey, brand director of Jaguar, has said of the SUV family: “We’d only do it on two key attributes: if the car was dynamically the most capable, and it met our design standards.”

Meanwhile, an electric Jaguar has also been all but confirmed. Ian Callum, Jaguar’s design director, has said recently, “It’s coming”, when talking about a potential electric Jaguar, while JLR has applied for a series of patents for technology related to inductive charging.


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Jaguar has also applied to trademark the name ‘EV-Type’. Although this is no indication of a definitive name, it does suggest that such a model is close.

Any future electric EV-Type looks likely to be made at the Magna Steyr factory in Graz, Austria. Jaguar has confirmed that it will be moving some model lines to the facility to free up capacity at its UK plants. The F-Pace will otherwise be built at the company’s plant in Solihull in the West Midlands.

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jonboy4969 31 August 2015

As jaguar does not make SUV's

As jaguar does not make SUV's (yet) you should be covered well - and if they do make SUV's, you will still be covered with all the existing models, and expect something special this time next year to be released.
fadyady 24 August 2015

Great to see

Great to know that Jaguar Land Rover's AFV plans are nearing fruition. I know it's more difficult for relatively small car makers to join the AFV bandwagon but it's essential for survival.
BenC30 24 August 2015

@Adrian987. I'm not so

@Adrian987. I'm not so worried about having a job with them, but if they do not build cars that do not appeal to me, then I can only buy elsewhere. Not all of us want SUVs.
Winston Churchill 24 August 2015

BenC30 wrote: @Adrian987. I'm

BenC30 wrote:

@Adrian987. I'm not so worried about having a job with them, but if they do not build cars that do not appeal to me, then I can only buy elsewhere. Not all of us want SUVs.

Well, duh, yeah. If you don't like Jaguars then don't buy a Jaguar! You are clearly not their target market. You want Jaguar to be something they don't want to be - seems very silly to criticise them for that.