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Revised Renaultsport Megane gets more power, a higher top speed and new kit options

Prices of the revised 2012 Renaultsport Megane 265 Cup and 265 start from £24,825 and £26,025 respectively.

Thanks to an increase in the model’s turbo boost pressure by 0.2 bar to 2.5 bar, power has been raised by 15bhp to 261bhp and 15lb ft of torque to 266lb ft. As a result, the fettled Megane trims the previous car’s 0-62mph sprint by 0.1sec to 6.0sec and increases top speed by 2mph to 158mph. Its power-to-weight-ratio is 188bhp per tonne.

Two power settings can be selected, either the default 247bhp/251lb ft or full-fat 261bhp/266lb ft.

See the official pic of the 2012 Renaultsport Megane

The hot Megane is available with three new options. These comprise a £350 ‘Red Design Pack,’ (which adds red striping to the car’s front and rear lower valances and side skirts), Renault’s Visio lane departure warning system (£300), as well as front and rear parking sensors with parking camera, which costs £360.

Renaultsport’s Cup chassis pack is also available on the ‘265 for an additional £1350. Features include a limited slip differential, red brake calipers, stiffer springs, dampers and anti-roll bars and matte black 18-inch alloys clad in 235/40 R18 Michelin Sport 2 rubber.

A new addition to the Renaultsport 265 Cup’s interior is carbon grey Renaultsport cloth with red stitching and red seatbelts. The 2012 Renaultsport Megane range is also available in a new Arctic White colour.

Renault has sold 10,000 Renaultsport Meganes worldwide since 2010.

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Can the Renault Mégane 265 uphold the Renaultsport reputation, or has the hot hatchback segment evolved to the point it no longer delivers?

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humphrey the pug 21 February 2012

Re: 2012 Renaultsport Megane revealed

W124 wrote:
Very true. I drove the yellow one on the Renault press fleet and there's no way it was knocking out less than 250bhp - 270/280 more like. It is a great car - I love it. It's the breaking balance that makes it so good.

I customer of mine who has a 250 has acquaintances with them too, he has told me that their unmolested ones have been tested for power and they are all putting out a damn sight more than 250 hp, so it's not just the press fleet stuff...Didn't Autocar, or it may have been someone else, measure the power of the 250 and the Focus RS and the Focus was putting out alot less than the claimed figures wheras the 250 was putting out alot more.

Peter Cavellini 21 February 2012

Re: 2012 Renaultsport Megane revealed

TegTypeR wrote:

I seem to recall someone on here a while back saying they'd checked the plastic moulding on the engine of the 250 and found stampings for the 265, so this is clearly something Renault have been planning for a while (probably pre-engineered in to the product cycle from the start).

Still a mightily impressive car, although the body upgrades do make it look a little Chav for my liking.

Yep, i'd agree, parking camera's and maybe the cup set up, that would be enough.

Flash Harry 21 February 2012

Re: 2012 Renaultsport Megane revealed

A worthy upgrade to an already great car.Renaultsport would need to sprinkle some of that magic on the mainstream Renault models