Fernando Alonso accused of knowing about Renault race-fixing
15 October 2009

Felipe Massa has revealed he suspects Fernando Alonso of knowing about the deliberate crash plot at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix - but has vowed not to let it affect his future relationship with the Spaniard.

Speaking to Brazilian media ahead of this weekend's grand prix, Massa said Alonso had to have been aware of the plans for Nelson Piquet to crash deliberately in the Singapore event last year to try and help him win.

"In all, he is the least of the problem," Massa said. "It was the team and Nelson - but Alonso was part of the problem. He knew. We can not know it [but] of course he knew. [It's an] absolute certainty."

Alonso was cleared by the FIA investigation into the scandal of knowing about the race-fix plans.

Since making the comments, Massa and Ferrari have moved to clarify the remarks.

In a statement Massa said that his comments relate to a feeling he has rather than being based on facts, and added that he respects the FIA's findings from its investigations.

"What I've said is the outcome of a hunch I've had and is not based on any concrete evidence," Massa said. "The FIA World Council announced that there was no indication that Fernando may have been informed of what had happened and I respect this outcome.

"Obviously I'm very disappointed about what transpired last year in Singapore: I have already said several times what I thought about it and now it's time to close that chapter and to look to the future.

"What is certain is that this episode will not mar in any way the relationship I'll have with Fernando when we will be team-mates."

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15 October 2009

Great start to their relationship for next season, I look forward to the fireworks!

15 October 2009

its all hearsay! to be honest formula 1 is finished now to much shame really used to love it

15 October 2009

Does Felipe feel threatened?, why bring this up know?, wouldn't it have been better to keep this to himself?, if anything he could have approached Alonso in private and discussed it, maybe it's just latin temprement, but there was no need to make this statement, was there?

Peter Cavellini.

15 October 2009

Don't see what the fuss is about, Alonso's complicity in this is already on public record as part of Symonds' testimony to the FIA.

15 October 2009

Why does he bring all this up now?

He must already feel threatened, that bang on the head must have been worse than we thought!

He should shut up and let his driving do the talking

15 October 2009

Can't help but feel the same as VX220EDDIE. I'm trying not to, and hoping that next season will be not such a procession, but I can't see where the overtaking is going to come from with the same tracks that induce the same boring processions.

But anything that's said that results in knocking each other's wheels on the track has got to be a good thing. Nothing so stupid as two team-mates taking each other out.

15 October 2009

[quote golfman]same tracks that induce the same boring processions[/quote]

Bernie is following the money, not the excitement. I really was looking forward to a break away series where we could have got some fresh racing. Valencia shouldn't have ever been allowed to have another 5 Grand Prixs when their previous two were exceptionally dull.

As for Alonso, I like many believe he must have known. All I can say for sure is that we haven't got to the truth yet.

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