McLaren ace says he doesn't feel an emotional pull towards Maranello
27 October 2009

F1 driver Lewis Hamilton has said he doesn't have any dreams of racing for Ferrari.

After signing for Ferrari for next season, Fernando Alonso declared it had always been his dream to race for the Italian marque.

Asked if he also felt an emotional tie to Ferrari's history, Hamilton replied: "I don't feel the same way.

"Everyone who grows up watching formula one chooses a car. Some liked the Jordan, the yellow car, some prefer the red car, others the silver one.

"I always just liked the silver car.

"I can still remember when Fernando came here and said that it was his dream to drive for us. His dream was to drive the silver car as well, but you can have more than one dream."

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27 October 2009

Lewis has already claimed that he drives for the best team in formula 1 so why would he dream of Ferrari?.

Mind you, it's a bit like saying "I drive the best car in the world! " having only ever driven one car in your life. How can you make any comparisons if you've never tried anything else?.

27 October 2009

Not reallty news, is it?

Why do they assume that every Grand Grix driver dreams of driving for Ferrari?

Any driver worth his salt just wants to drive the quickest car!

28 October 2009

Well, I wonder how many do indeed dream of Lewis at Ferrari lol

28 October 2009

Name me another F1 team who have been racing so long with almost constant success?

Peter Cavellini.

28 October 2009

Just hope Lewis gets a competitive car next season , so we can see what he's made of.

28 October 2009

[quote Autocar]Some liked the Jordan, the yellow car, some prefer the red car, others the silverone.[/quote] Hang on a minute. Surely McClaren was always the red-and-white car. You had to look close to see if it was a Ferrari or not.

17 November 2009

This man is a fantastic driver but he has no passion which is why he doesn't dream of Ferrari.

Its that 'If I have to explain, you wouldn't understand' thing

Stay with a clinical, lifeless team Lew

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