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McLaren ace will no longer be managed by his father
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4 March 2010

Lewis Hamilton will no longer be managed by his father, it has been announced.

The decision follows what Lewis Hamilton describes as his "growing maturity" and his father's growing business interests.

"I'm 25 now - and I think it was inevitable that there had to be change at some point," Hamilton said in an Autosport interview.

"I've been in F1 for quite a while now and I wouldn't have been able to do it without my dad. He's done a fantastic job. But he's done that job.

"What I am really excited about now is having my dad just as my dad. I want to have a manager, who can take care of all the stresses and do all the other stuff, and then I want to do dad things with my dad. I want to go for a beer with my dad. I want to go bowling with my dad. I want to go on holiday with my dad.

"And then I want to be able to say to him: 'How is GP Prep going?' And I want to be able to tell him about all the experiences I am having too - but as a dad. I want to be able to have that, and build that relationship."

Anthony Hamilton's business interests now include the new GP Prep academy, which runs one-year old F1 cars in test sessions for up-and-coming drivers, managing several other racing drivers, including Paul di Resta and karting star Nyck de Vries, and work in football.

Lewis Hamilton is now looking for a manager. In the meantime his interests will be looked after by the McLaren F1 team, which he has a three-year contract with.

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4 March 2010

If you read the full-full article, you'd think he's getting royalties from sponsors of the word 'dad'.

There's talk of Hamilton being managed by Mika Hakkinen. For Ron Dennis, that would be a dream combination, since he adores both drivers. I think it will appeal to Hamilton too, as it will fortify his position at McLaren.

Meanwhile, Schumacher's new personal manager, Sabine Kehm, will replace Willi Weber, as she played the major role when Michael negotiated his Mercedes contract.

In Bahrain there will be a parade of all of the living Grand Prix Champions except two - Formula One exiles Nelson Piquet and Kimi Raikkonen. So far they haven't RSVPed themselves.

This gathering will be a great event, and I hope the BBC takes the opportunity to get as many interviews as possible with these legends and their close associates.

Those confirmed to appear alongside the World Champions currently on the grid are Mika Hakkinen, Damon Hill, Alain Prost, Nigel Mansell, Niki Lauda, Jody Scheckter, Keke Rosberg, Emerson Fittipaldi, Alan Jones, Mario Andretti, Jackie Stewart and John Surtees.

At eighty-three years old, Sir Jack Brabham is the oldest living Champion. The line-up will be completed by the late Juan Manuel Fangio's nephew and namesake representing the Argentinean.

Jacques Villeneuve is looking increasingly likely to turn-up as both a Stefan Grand Prix driver and a racing legend.

4 March 2010

[quote VirginPower]Jacques Villeneuve is looking increasingly likely to turn-up as both a Stefan Grand Prix driver and a racing legend.[/quote]

How so? The team have been denied an entry to this years championship.

4 March 2010

[quote Phil MyCavity]How so? The team have been denied an entry to this years championship.[/quote]

I love the 'How so?' tossed off so triumphantly.

It looks like you might be right about something for once, as at the time of writing that, I hadn't seen the latest FIA declaration that states it will not be possible for a replacement team to be entered for the Championship at this late stage.

In the middle of your orgasm, it might have been more useful for everyone's information to elucidate that fact, but I'm sure you were cleaning up at the time.

Of course, stranger things have happened than the shift of position that might allow Stefan GP to race in 2010, but it looks most likely you'll be having to clean up again on Friday 12th March.

While you're enjoying that, do try to watch the build-up to the race at some point, as Damon Hill and his son Josh will be demonstrating classic F1 vehicles. Damon will drive a '90s car and Josh will be at the wheel of the Lotus 49 raced by his grandfather Graham.

4 March 2010

VirginPower; are you a member of the Virgin F1 Team?

4 March 2010

Or just an offensive pain in the neck?

4 March 2010

Lewis and Anthony Hamilton are excellent role models for young black people in this country and anyone else for that matter as they demonstrate what hard work and dedication can achieve. I wish them well. PS: Lewis, what's the job description and person spec?

4 March 2010

Hamilton, the new Mansell, a really boring interview, monotone to the extreme!

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