Hi-res picture guide to the newest F1 venue
28 October 2009

The final round of the Formula One World Championship takes place on a new circuit in Abu Dhabi this weekend - and autocar.co.uk has a hi-res picture guide of the venue.

Hi-res pictures of the Yas Marinas circuit

The Yas Marina track has a waterfront location and has been designed to have a Monaco-esque feel including several tight, walled sections and a tunnel.

It also has a few fast sweeps, and what will be the longest straight in F1.

The pit exit is also noteworthy, as it curves under the track in a narrow tunnel before the cars join the circuit before turn three.

With the pit lane speed limit ending before the tunnel, drivers will be accelerating right through this section. Early reports suggest it will be among the most challenging parts of the track.

Fans have been catered for, with a new design of crash barrier in place which it is claimed means the run-off areas can be smaller, allowing grandstands to be located nearer the track. For those that can afford it, there's also a five-star hotel that actually straddles the track.

The race is a 50,000 sell-out.

The race starts at 5pm local time, meaning it is scheduled to begin in daylight but end in darkness, with the sun setting over the venue during the race.

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28 October 2009

Why can't we build something this good in Britain?

29 October 2009

[quote TStag]

Why can't we build something this good in Britain?


Money,money,money oh and did I mention money?.

29 October 2009

Looks like it's been designed by someone from Xbox 360 – and that's a compliment. Odd though how runoff requirements never seem to apply to corners going into tunnels. Hope we don't get any Lady Di moments in there.

29 October 2009

and people then wonder why mr. b.e wants silverstone to pull its finger out! he has a very real point and silverstone had the gp races for years and years; why did they not re-invst.

I like silverstone and want it back on the calender and hope it does return, but why did they not get cash in and re-develop it, they have some very wealthy people involved with them and they could have (I am sure) tied it into the local RDA (grant money) as well as other grants for providing homes to new businesses etc, they could have pulled in £50-100m; I mean they hold plenty of races and events at the track to get the cash back

29 October 2009

[quote CapsLock] silverstone had the gp races for years and years; why did they not re-invst.[/quote]

The problem is, as I understand it, that Bernie only allows the tracks to retain the gate receipts, all other income from the GP is taken by him, in addition to him charging a very substantial fee. As the costs of organising the race are high very little, if anything, is left for the circuit owners. This means that there is nothing to re-invest. As it is not a profitable business it is therefore difficult to raise the funding required to match the grant aid - if you can get that. Siverstone did have a proposal that would have led to houses being built on part of the site if I remember correctly but it didn't come off. The problem of course with doing that is that the purchasers of these properties then complain about the noise and the local council then restrict usage of the circuit, thereby further reducing the profitability of the circuit.

The new circuits are all built using government money, hence they are all in places where the government wants to promote the country and they have huge wealth.

29 October 2009

[quote psst]The new circuits are [/quote]

i do not believe mr.b.e takes all with the exception of the gate money and you also forget he is giving them guarenteed money each year and to organise the event is roughly the same each year i.e. x tickets allowing x cars etc after the first year it must repeat.

also silverstone has other events like superbikes etc as well as club events; thus if you used f1 to modernise and share the cost across other events I cannot see an issue. as for grants, why not have more business parks (offices and workshops), a shopping centre, a hotel, helicopter taxi's, a mini silverstone track for go-karts etc etc, more races, silverstone bio race fuel etc and so forth; the list is endless and you would get grants.

link up with universities nation wide for training and other events etc, build milbrook style proving grounds etc etc; the track could do loads more if it wanted, more corporate boxes (and better ones, although the food is nice); there are loads of things that can be done; its is just a case of dragging the track out of the 60's and putting it in 2009 - a rock concert like glasto/Donington; there are so many things that could be done

21 June 2013

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22 June 2013

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15 May 2013

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15 May 2013

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