New 211bhp Golf GTI due in 2009
7 August 2008

Volkswagen will launch a new high-performance VW Golf GTI soon after its standard flagship hatchback, company sources have revealed.

It should arrive in showrooms in spring 2009, but we may get a sneak preview of the new GTI as soon as October, when a concept is tipped to be unveiled.

The new Volkswagen Golf GTI will keep the current car’s well-judged balance of ride, handling and refinement, although an extra edge will be added to improve steering and handling. This will help close the gap with the sporty new Scirocco, which makes today’s GTI feel a little soft.

Power will come from a 211bhp turbocharged 2.0-litre version of the group’s new global EA888 engine, equipped with the new valve-lift system developed by Audi.

Volkswagen is keen to make maintenance easier, and access to the turbo and oil cooler will be improved in a bid to cut servicing costs.

The VW GTI will get beefed-up looks too. It will have new bumpers front and rear, as well as different head and tail-lights. The headlights will have Audi-style LED running lights. Five-spoke 18in alloys will be standard, with 19in items on the options list.

The bad news for six-cylinder Golf fans is that there are no plans to replace the current R32 version, mainly because of EU emissions legislation.

Instead, VW plans to launch a four-wheel-drive R variant with a 265bhp version of the GTI engine.

Greg Kable

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Volkswagen Golf

Just how good is the mighty Volkswagen Golf? The seventh generation of Europe's best selling car has been facelifted to keep its nose ahead of its rivals

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7 August 2008

Whilst I think VW has been a little to gentle with the styling on the Mk6, its nice to see a manufacturer actually thinking of making their cars easier to maintain. However the cynic inside me says thats VW are only saying that to make us think they are trying to make servicing cheaper.

7 August 2008

Hmmm!.... reserving judgement until car is seen or driven.

My opinion is that R32 will not be missed. It makes a nice noise, but in real world is no quicker than standard Gti T(f)si.

Watch for that new 211hp valvelift engine, its going to be a corker! - 258lb/ft of torque - (and probably capable of more but for the torque limit imposed by the MQ350 transmission)

8 August 2008

WHAT!?! - Yet more LEDS? Please, nooooooooooo!

"there are no plans to replace the current R32 version, mainly because of EU emissions legislation"

I doubt this very much. VW have just launched a Passat R36 so why would they not continue to produce a Golf V6? I suspect this is a rumour as VW is probably planning to discontinue to R32 and launch a Golf R36 a few months after the next GTi.They just dont want the Golf R36 stealing the GTi's limelight or to cause prospective Golf buyers to wait for the ultimate Golf R36, rather than just buying the GTi.

8 August 2008

[quote Will86]

However the cynic inside me says thats VW are only saying that to make us think they are trying to make servicing cheaper.


The cynic in me says it will only be cheaper for them, not for us!

The reason the Golf 6 is here already is that VW designed it to be quicker (and therefore cheaper) to build, which increases the profit margin on their best selling car.

8 August 2008

I cannot believe how big these cars are getting. Very wide and tall. They are as wide or wider than a 1980's Mercedes E-Class, it's ridiculous. Don't think for one minute it's all to do with safety as that is only part of it. All the extra weight, width and height adds up to poorer handling (it can never rival a smaller car), plus blunted fuel consumption. Imagine what mpg a 1980's Golf GTI would achieve with today's engine plants, combined with a better power to weight ratio, the easier handling and parking due to smaller size. And if you need more space then buy an estate or even a bigger car!!

As usual with the VW Golf and Ford Focus, they look very bland and uninspiring almost blob like and i find it hard to believe people take out loans to buy these cars. Personally i wouldn't bother, what's the point of an ugly bland blob that goes very fast?

8 August 2008

[quote Brooklands]what's the point of an ugly bland blob that goes very fast?[/quote]

Are you referring to boy racers in general or do you have someone specific in mind?

If I want an autonomous car, I'll take a taxi.

10 August 2008

Ah yes, the hatchback version of the Scirocco is coming!

21 August 2008

I really think that, in general, VW have got it right with the Golf series, and their sales seem to support this. The no fuss clean external lines, overall well-designed interiors and good mechanicals and under-pinnings make their appearance and driveability almost timeless. The new 6 series is simply an evolution of these concepts. We in Australia have the 5 series "Pacific" which sits inbetween the 5 & 6 series, perhaps because the 6 series will only make it to these shores some 12 months after Europe. The Golf (and other models) make for a great contrast to some of the ill-conceived fussy designs out there. Now if only VW could improve the build quality (reliability) and allow the rear bolster to fold forward for a flat-load rear space then in my opinion they would have an near unbeatable product.

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