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Can the hottest hatch of all live with a supercar?
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12 June 2010

Can a Honda Civic Type R Mugen really keep up with an Audi R8 V10?

The Civic Type R Mugen is one of the world's maddest - and certainly its most expensive - hot hatch. The Audi R8 V10 is a classic mid-engined supercar.

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The cars

The Honda has a transversely mounted four-cylinder engine that powers its front wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox. It's engine has been massaged to produce 239bhp, and red lines just below 9000rpm. It costs £38,599.

The Audi has ten cylinders to the Honda's four, boasts 518bhp and has four-wheel drive and twice the torque of the Civic. The only thing Audi has that it doesn't need is weight - 1625kg to the Honda's 1233kg.

The contest

This is a shootout on a public road - and that's very relevant, because opportunities to use even half the Audi's potential in that environment are rare indeed.

The only way to drive in these conditions is well within the car's and your capabilities - and that's much easier to do in the Honda than the Audi.

The contest will run over one of our favourite Welsh mountain roads. Steve Sutcliffe and Jamie Corstorphine are driving - and swapping cars between runs to prove the driver isn't the variable.

The result

Put simply, whoever was following, and whichever car they were in, could keep up.

Why? Because on a public road the leading driver will always be at a disadvantage that not even an extra 279bhp can compensate for.

On a track the Audi would have destroyed the Honda, but track driving and fast, responsible road driving are two entirely different things.

Perhaps the most interesting conclusion after a day's driving was that both drivers agreed the Honda was more enjoyable to drive on the open roads. Simply more fun, more agile, less intimidating and a lot easier to get to the limits in.

The full comparison test is available in this week's Autocar magazine, on sale now.

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12 June 2010

These reviews never cease to fascinate me. I applaud the honest opinion of reviewers because in the end a lot more can be said from this result when compared to the far less realistic conditions which initial test drives tend to be conducted under. This may just be my humble opinion, and I certainly crave the latest Supercar reviews, but when all is said and done, a sweet-handling car with practicality to boot is what we all need AND want, rather than purchasing each exclusively. It gives some hope to the middle-classed man...

12 June 2010

sometimes I wonder how you oick these combos!

out of a hat?

Civen Mugen and... R8 V10!


12 June 2010

Is this an attempt to remind us that the Type R still exists. I feel sorry for Honda now, this was a brand that had the likes of Prelude, Integra, NSX, CRX, Accord & Civic Type Rs, their line up, now the only car which can provide a modicum of excitement is the TypeR but there are many better hot hatches in the market now.

I used to be a Honda loyalist, it was always VFM and had a perfprmance/driving edge over rest of the Japs. Now I think the likes of Hyundai/Kia make better cars than them.

12 June 2010

[quote Holy.Cat]sometimes I wonder how you oick these combos![/quote]

Yeah right, like an Audi R8 customer would buy a Civic Type R?!!!!

Whatever next Tata Nano vs Bugatti Veyron?

12 June 2010

I thought the Audi R8 was one of the quickest, most accessible supercars available to buy? (esp. the V10). Most motoring pundits reckon its right up there in the top few percentile.

Autocar seem to be using the R8 to prove otherwise. This video against a 2.0litre Honda...The R8 vs TTRS video a couple of months ago...The R8 vs Skoda Octavia 1.4 in the wet... The supercar test - Veyron /Gallardo Superleggera/911 GT3 etc about a year or so ago, the R8 was used to show how quick the Veyron was from a rolling race. (or how slow the R8 was.)

Do Autocar have something against the R8? How hard are you really trying in the R8? Make another video with Steve driving the R8, and get some other 'clown' to drive the pukka car.

12 June 2010

you have missed the point. Its showing us and those who cant afford a supercar that on B roads we are not missing much on overall fun. it can make us feel better about not owning something we will never have.

12 June 2010

I've read the true cost of each Mugen Civic is around £110,000. The engine modifications alone, which is mostly hand built, would cost over £15000. All things considering, the Mugen Civic is tremendous value and a loss maker halo car for Mugen and Honda.

12 June 2010

More mental masturbation from Autocar and Steve Sutcliffe.

12 June 2010

Its a great video, however its plain to see the lack of drama and compusure coming from the R8 compared to the 'frantic trying to keep up' from the Type R!!!

I know where id rather be!

12 June 2010

Your telling me something I already know. In real world conditions super cars often have no advantage over more mundane material. I proved this myself some years ago when my wife and I passed a Murcielago in our Fiat Punto 55SX. In the stop start traffic of the Hanger Lane Gyratory he was unable to prevent me powering past in a daring 2nd gear overtaking manoeuvre.


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