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McLaren to focus on 650S orders for now; the last surviving grandchild of Henry Ford dies aged 88; Spyker offers supercar for bonds

Production of the McLaren 12C is to pause while the firm satisfies orders for the new McLaren 650S says Pistonheads. McLaren predict the 650S – which is based on the 12C – will represent the bulk of future customer orders, despite costing around £20,000 more than the 12C.

William Clay Ford, former Ford executive and last surviving grandchild of Henry Ford, has died from pneumonia aged 88. He worked for Ford Motor Company for 57 years as an employee and board member. He served as design boss, overseeing models including the Lincoln Continental MkII.

Spyker is allowing investors to purchase one of 100 bonds in the company, which can be exchanged for its forthcoming B6 Venator. According to CNN Money, each £100,000 bond is issued with a chassis number corresponding to a car to be built later. The bond has a four-year term, but can be redeemed in three years for a special-edition model said to cost in the region of £125,000.

Jeep will launch a special edition of its Wrangler exclusively for the European market later this year. Dubbed ‘Rubicon X Package’, the off-roader features 17-inch black alloy wheels and red or black heated leather seats. The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon X Package will be offered with the choice of 200bhp 2.8-litre turbodiesel or 284bhp 3.6-litre V6 petrol engines.

Audi has revealed new traffic light recognition technology, that the firm says could reduce CO2 emissions by 15 per cent. By calculating the traffic light change sequences in the vicinity, the system shows the driver the speed required to pass through an approaching green light. When at a red light, the system calculates the time until the lights turn green, enabling the car’s stop-start function so the engine is switched on five seconds before the green phase.

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roverfan1984 10 March 2014

So Spyker are trying to raise

So Spyker are trying to raise £10million, by asking for money upfront, on the promise they will give you a car in 3 years time? And what if the company goes bankrupt, all your money having been "invested" (hived off & cleverly accounted for) in the meantime? You would have to be absolutely mad to think this was a good investment!
Orangewheels 10 March 2014

Traffic light idea

That traffic light idea is a good one - some other countries such as Thailand actually have a large digital countdown visible next to the light to show drivers when it's about to change.