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Styling boss wants Peugeot's designs to become much more distinctive

Peugeot styling boss Gilles Vidal wants all of the firm's future models to “inspire love at first sight.

Vidal wants new designs to be so distinctive that they can be sketched in just three or four lines. “From now on that’s a house rule,” he said.

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Peugeot unveiled its new design direction with its SR1 concept from the Geneva motor show; the handsome three-seat roadster concept showcased a new set of styling ideals to be used on all future Peugeots.

The concept also marked the end of the 'wide mouth' era of recent Peugeot design, notably used on the best-selling 207 supermini, in favour of a much more elegant, technical look. Peugeot has previously said the next 207, due in 2011, would be the first car to benefit from the styling cues of the SR1.

Vidal doesn't want Peugeot's future designs to have to be explained to customers, or even be on their particular buying lists.

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blowerbentley 14 June 2010

Re: Peugeot 'to simplify its designs'

Did anybody ever like the "frog swallowing a dinner plate" look? I just can't imagine the meetings when Peugeot management signed off the designs for the 407 or 308.

3MOCIONA 14 June 2010

Re: Peugeot 'to simplify its designs'

Peugeot need to start focusing on design detailing rather than cosmetics. I mean just look at the peugeot 406 - 407. Peugeot 406 was designed in patnership with pinnifarina and is a beautiful classic peugeot design with excellent design detailing like the headlights and rear light graphics which really sold the design of an otherwise conventional 3 box saloon and even with the facelift, Peugeot manage to give the 406 a fresh new look without straying from the original design and both the orignal and the facelift in top nick, still look fresh today. Peugeot aimed for a revolution but as much as i liked the 407 at first, after a couple of years i was looking foward to the 408 because the 407's innovative design was becoming too challenging and unnecesary and i found myself just not agreeing with the whole design and the proportions of the car. I think Peugeot need Pinnifarina back on their design team even if it is only for the design detailing. Pinnifarina saved Peugeot with the 205, the 508 and the 208 needs to reclaim Peugeot as a top seller!

sportwagon 14 June 2010

Re: Peugeot 'to simplify its designs'

Vidal doesn't want Peugeot's future designs to have to be explained to customers

In that case he had better do away with all the creases in the bonnet/top of front wings, the depressions in the doors (are they references to non-existent air-scoops but pointing the wrong way?) and whatever is on the front wings just ahead of the screen pillars, for a start. This car is a mess, especially when compared to the purity of design of an MX5 and no amount of marketing-speak from a corporate mouthpiece can change that.