Autocar paid a visit to a scrapyard to find out what cars have been traded in under scrappage
25 September 2009

Autocar's Richard Bremner recently paid a visit to some scrapyards to find out what cars had been traded in under the government's scrappage incentive scheme.

He found some interesting - and surprising - results, including mark four Volkswagen Golfs, Ford Pumas, BMW convertibles and MGBs. You can see some of his more interesting finds by clicking on the high-res picture gallery link below.

See the high-res scrappage special picture gallery

See what the US scrapped

When Bremner visited BH Salvage in Kensworth, he met Alan Tarn who said some of the cars in his scrapyard "were enough to make you cry".

You can read more about Bremner's experiences in this weeks Autocar magazine, which is on sale now.

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24 September 2009

I drove past a BMW dealership owned by Arnold Clark in Irvine yesterday. They had on the front an old 3 series, which looked in better condition than most cars in Irvine, advertising the £ 2,000 scrapage allowance.

We're seeing decent cars, cars which have life in them yet, being tossed to the side. If anything it's preventing those going on to provide cheap transportation for those who need it.

It's a shocking waste of resources.

If this was in any way supposed to be an environmental measure then why are we still having old London taxis and stinky buses running around? Surely they're the ones which produce the most and should have the stiffest controls on their emissions?

24 September 2009

Well this goes to show what happens when the government think they have a good idea! A lot of them cars could of carried on running for at least a couple more years yet. What a waste - and think of all the green house gases etc used in making the shiny new car that was purchased and probably shipped / driven / from spain (if vauxhall etc). Personally I don't believe in global warming but what will happen to all the parts?

24 September 2009

Seems like a big waste... just crushing money...

24 September 2009

Pic 7 Guess the car is a 97 Hyundai Lantra 2.0! So its not all bad then!

24 September 2009

This is an unbelievable waste. What exactly is envrionmentally friendly about scrapping cars that have years of life left in them?


24 September 2009

A waste of good cars and our hard earned taxes. It isn't green (these scrapped cars used more resources when they were made than they would have during a normal lifetime of use) and less well off individuals in need of cheap transport are now facing inflated prices for the older cars that remain on the road. Will (shiny new) Mondeo man reward Gordon with his vote? Unlikely. I suspect Angela Merkel will be the main electoral benefactor (isn't there now a waiting list for Golfs, for goodness' sake?). And once great swathes of public services are cut we'll see this folly in an even less sympathetic light. Those wasted cars amount a portion of the salaries of the teachers, policemen and nurses that will not be employed over the coming years.

24 September 2009

It amazes me that people havent seen thought he scheme. the fact that nearly 300,000 willing fools have been found just shows what the general public are like.

As we all know half the £2,000 comes from the manufacturer, so its only £1,000 from the tax payer. Almost all cars would get a £1,000 discount anyway, so its back to the £1,000 from the tax man. Yet all these cars have to have an MOT so must be worth hundreds if not the £1,000 the tax man put it.

And yet by removing these cars from the road the price of other older cars is bound to go up, which will be of no benefit to poorer people who buy them.

At least the tax man brakes even on the Vat against the scrappage cash, and i suspect that most of this money has been taken out of bank accounts where it would otherwise have stayed unspent, so its not as if it would have been spent elsewhere generating more vat.

But its the stupidity of throwing away decent cars that gets to me. we didnt even have the sense the Americans has to exempt 25 year old car, so not only have we lost some decnt nearly new cars, but also some proper classics.

Shame on the government. i know this lot will soon be a distant memory, but it cant come a day too soon!

24 September 2009

The Mazda coupe (pic 6) is an MX-3, not a 323.

24 September 2009

I can only echo what others have said, its a complete and utter waste of perfectly good cars. What makes it worse, unless they were traded in for an ultra desirable model, they could have probably got £2k off anyway.

24 September 2009

I was against this scheme right from the start. When I signed the petition against scrappage on the government website there were very few signatures on it.....everyone else seemed to be following Autocar and AutoExpress's recommendation to support the scheme.


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