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Autocar paid a visit to a scrapyard to find out what cars have been traded in under scrappage

Autocar's Richard Bremner recently paid a visit to some scrapyards to find out what cars had been traded in under the government's scrappage incentive scheme.

He found some interesting - and surprising - results, including mark four Volkswagen Golfs, Ford Pumas, BMW convertibles and MGBs. You can see some of his more interesting finds by clicking on the high-res picture gallery link below.

See the high-res scrappage special picture gallery

See what the US scrapped

When Bremner visited BH Salvage in Kensworth, he met Alan Tarn who said some of the cars in his scrapyard "were enough to make you cry".

You can read more about Bremner's experiences in this weeks Autocar magazine, which is on sale now.

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tannedbaldhead 1 October 2009

Re: Scrappage high-res picture gallery

rogerthecabinboy wrote:
and the country's in the toilet

whole world's in the toilet :-(

tannedbaldhead 1 October 2009

Re: Scrappage high-res picture gallery

I said this earlier today on a thread about i10 sales but recon it's of more relevance here.

I think the reason the scrappage scheme is the flagship of Govt intervention is because when looked into in depth it actually costs the Govt nothing. Look at it this way.Senario 1: I have a 10 year old car, I keep it, resultant Treasury income zero.Senario 2: I have a 10 year old car the Govt "spends £1000 pounds" to encourage me to buy a new Hyundai i10. I buy it. Govt recieves car tax & vat, on the purchase (a lot more than a grand), income tax on the salesman's commision, income tax on the commision recieved by whoever sells me the loan, corperation tax on the profits made by the dealership and the finance company as a result of the sale, reduced social security payments as a result of the dealer not going bust and I can go on. What the Govt are doing is giving the punter a discount to encourage sales (just like the dealer), no more, no less.

comnsense 1 October 2009

Re: Scrappage high-res picture gallery

artill wrote:

comnsense wrote:

The scrappage scheme is a good thing because,

If you buy a british made new car it stimulates our economy and everyone benefits when the recession is over quicker.

Old cars can be recycled into better cleaner ones, new cars are cleaner than even a few years ago.

Manufacturers will invest more in electric cars so our cities will have clean air.

As your pictures show we will eradicate rubbish obsolete dagenham dustbins and gas guzzlers as soon as possible.

This time the government is investing sensibly to stimulate prosperity, that's what we all want isn't it?


I think one of the politician i asked for a quote has spoken, or at least someone with comparable inteligence.

I didnt see one dagenham dustbin in those pictures, or a gas guzzler. And if anyone was bothered about us having clean air in our cities Diesels would not be allowed to enter them, as happens in more far thinking parts of the world. So there is no joined up thinking behind the scrappage scheme or your comments

Hi artill,

I am obviously a great deal more intelligent than you! Wouldn't you call a range rover a gas guzzler? You have obviuosly never owned one. What I meant by dagenham dustbins are fords you may of heard of them but this also covers equivalents such as fiats or even triumph dolomites nothing classic about them except classically shit.

I would expect in future you will find the demise of deisel engines in our cities as well as petrol but it needs government backing to fight the oil lobby.

I see you are not able to argue with the rest of my points.

Fred Mandelson. ( Godfather.)