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Aston and Bentley go to the crusher under US scrappage scheme

A raft of rare and exotic cars have been crushed in the US under their version of the scrappage scheme.

Whereas a number of MGBs and low-end Porsches have met their end through Britain’s scrappage scheme, in America a Bentley Continental R and an Aston DB7 Volante have been destroyed under the “cash for clunkers” incentive, the Detroit Free press reports.

The US scheme, which ended last month, offered car buyers discounts of up to $4500 (£2700) towards new cars when they traded in old vehicles.

Other cars that ended up in US crushers were a 1999 Mercedes C43 AMG, two special edition 450bhp Ford F150 pickups, a 1985 Maserati Quattroporte, a BMW 850i, and 131 Chevrolet Corvettes.

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dagobah_tony 27 September 2009

Re: Gallery - What the US scrapped

What the F#$k are they thinking? They cant really have destroyed such cars, can they?

I would have quite happily taken any of the Vettes, I reckon they are all on a container ship somewhere; probably in Russia.

keeforelli 27 September 2009

Re: Gallery - What the US scrapped

can we soon look forward to autocar running-

what germany scrapped (this would be a rather large feature)

what france scrapped

what italy scrapped

what portugal scrapped

what romania scrapped..etc etc....

no?....i thought are introducing a TV scrappage scheme...i will look out for in my home cinema magazine hi res picture gallery of old classic TVs to mourn too....

you wanted this got it.

noluddite 26 September 2009

Re: Gallery - What the US scrapped

And all of them looked brand new in the photos ;). I guess this just reflects the relative wealth of the US vs the UK. There must be some folk in poorer countries struggling to understand scrappage at all. Why don't we just ship the clunkers to Botswana?
P.S. Can we see some photos of what has been scrapped in Romania!