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Design boss spells out guidelines for next step in Mini's history

Mini is on the "threshold of a new chapter" as it enters its second decade under BMW ownership, according to design director Adrian van Hooydonk.

Speaking to Autocar during a visit to the UK, van Hooydonk revealed that a major review of Mini's future strategy was presented to the BMW board in the middle of May.

Design boss outlines Mini's future

Revised Mini spied undisguised

"Mini will stay as a premium car and one of the future guidelines for us is the phrase 'from an icon to icons'," he said. "Future models will continue to acknowledge the original Mini. That car used some very clever engineering, which led to unique solutions and unique construction."

The original Mini's handling prowess on the road and in competition will also influence Mini's future direction. Its fashion heritage will play its part too, van Hooydonk said.

"That combination of clever engineering, serious handling and fashion was very strong, and will live through in future Minis," he said.

"Because Mini is on the threshold of turning into a proper brand, we will be looking at a pallet of models for the future," he added.

Mini will not rush into it, van Hooydonk believes, and the shared front-wheel drive architecture being developed with BMW will reduce some of the immediate pressure on Mini to increase its sales volumes.

"We can take careful steps," he said. "As a stand-alone brand, Mini would be forced to hit certain volumes to make economic sense. But now Mini has the potential to do more. It can develop in its own timeframe."

Van Hooydonk says BMW wants to make sure that people will still regard the three-door hatch as the core of the brand.

"We can't do all sizes of car under the Mini badge," he said. "But any future model beyond the Countryman will have to be fun, premium, unique and the most compact in its segment."

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Jon Hardcastle 15 June 2010

Re: Mini embarks on "new chapter"

This is no surprise after all it's touted from the beggining as a mini adventure, so this in true Hollywood style is the sequel/part deux/rides again etc.

catnip 15 June 2010

Re: Mini embarks on "new chapter"

superstevie wrote:
Vidge 123 wrote:
its being so cheerful that keeps you going i guess!! what a ridiculous and aimless attack. i don't drive a mini or know anyone that does, but i think your post is rude and crass!
Glad its not just me that thought that

No, its not just you, I thought that too.

I don't necessarily agree with some of the plans for the MINI brand, but I think a lot of it is customer led, with existing MINI hatch owners wanting other models to move into without having to leave the brand.

According to AutoExpress Fiat are planning to increase the 500 'family' with a larger 4 door model, amongst other things, so MINI are not alone in their way of thinking..

Volvophile 15 June 2010

Re: Mini embarks on "new chapter"

I think the whole MINI thing has really worn thin at this stage. What they need to do for the next generation is totally revolutionise the concept again and bring it back to its roots (weighing less than 1000kg).

The MINI of today has very little of what the original car stood for and has become little more than a bloated fashion trinket.