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Ferrari opens 2.2million sq ft theme park in Abu Dhabi

Ferrari threw open the doors of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi theme park for the first time yesterday, the world’s largest indoor theme park.

The 2.2 million sq ft theme park sits beneath a huge red roof, complete with the Ferrari logo. And on the floor of the theme park is the world’s largest Ferrari logo that takes up 930,000sq ft of floor space. Under the roof are more than 20 attractions including the world’s fastest roller coaster, Formula Rossa, which can reach speeds of up to 150mph.

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"The park just four years ago was a project, an idea, maybe even a too ambitious idea, is now a fantastic reality,” said Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo. “Everyone at Ferrari is grateful to the people who have worked without rest for the last two years to make it happen.”

Other attractions include Speed of Magic, a 4D film, and Made in Maranello, a virtual reality tour of Maranello. There is also a rollercoaster where people sit in Ferrari F430 pods and a recreation of the Ferrari motorhome from the Formula One paddock.

The park’s official opening date has been postponed, however, due to the passing away of Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi, Emir of Ras al-Khaimah. Yesterday the park was open to selected members of the international press. Tickets to get in will cost 225 AED (£38).

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audidavid 30 October 2010

Re: Ferrari's new theme park - pics

...look on the brightside when they convert it to appartments in 5 years they'll get loads in!.....oops hang on the property market in the Middle East has done it conkers as well!

As half full warehouses go it does rate amongst the best I've seen tho!

FastRenaultFan 28 October 2010

Re: Ferrari's new theme park - pics

I think that structurely and enginerring wise it is amazing and it does look very cool but inside it just looks like any other big industrial shed . I think they built it in Dubai because they could not get land with that kinda space and planning permission in Italy and also they thought it would look cool out there among the sand and they got funding off a Shich or whatever tthey are called and ye for the only probably boring race off the season people will have something else too do .

It looks very deserted (no pun intended) on opening day and by the looks of the people there I bet they waived the fee to get in!

@Frankpcb I think that is because it was only for some rich select few too check everything out first and get a look . Its not the official opening day am sure when they do have that it will be packed and at the F1 race weekend am sure they will have it packed its how it will do in between these busy times will be interesting to see iff it can survive or be a big white elephant . Dubai ain,t the must open country at the mo they need too loosen up over there iff a couple can,t have a little bit off touching and feeling in a resturant and a Kiss what would it be like for a gay couple or a TV/TS person they need too loosen up over there . No point going to the beechs because they don,t allow anyone too have some fun there either can end up in prison just with a little frolicking how stupid is that .

kraftwerk 28 October 2010

Re: Ferrari's new theme park - pics

Love Ferrari and everything, but there's nowhere on Earth I'd rather not visit than Dubai. Especially as I was once in the same room as someone who'd recently had a Lem-Sip. That could get me four years in a Midnight Express-esque slammer. Ghastly place.