Aston Martin has released a special transponder watch exclusively for DBS owners
20 August 2008

Aston Martin and its official watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre have developed the ultimate accessory for the DBS supercar: a transponder watch. A mini transmitter that sits inside the watch, the AMVOX2 DBS Transponder has the ability to lock and unlock the 510bhp Aston.

All the owner has to do is press the ‘open’ position, located between the eight and nine digits on the glass face, to deactivate the alarm and unlock the doors. Likewise, pushing the ‘close’ spot between three and four locks it.

Dr Ulrich Bez, Aston Martin CEO, said, “This is the definitive expression of the partnership between Aston Martin and Jaeger-LeCoultre, I’m delighted that we have been able to premiere this technology in such an elegant solution. It is the first time horology and automotive engineering have been combined in this way.”

Aston Martin says that the transponder module weighs “just a few grams” and is half the size of the identical system in the DBS’s Emotional Control Unit (or as the rest of us call it, a key). It is offering the £22,000 device as an option on new DBSs and as a retro-fit for existing customers.For obvious safety and security purposes, only Aston Martin dealers can authorise the watch to read and communicate with a customer’s specific DBS. Although James Bond’s Q branch will probably set up his own unit in-house.

Ian Tonkin

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20 August 2008

So you, as journalists, are endorsing a £22k watch that has basically the same capabilities of a combination of a key fob (free) and a swatch (£5). I'm guessing that your average wage is around £35k with lots of freebies. So you're working until about August to get one of these. Or, to look at it in a different light, £22k is about 20% of the cost of the car. Suggest that a) you are mad and b) you need to get a fix on normal life and not just reprint stupid, mastabatory press releases

21 August 2008

I wouldn't mind too much, but this watch is vulgar looking in the "Russian Criminal" sense of "look at me - I'm rich." Jaeger-LeCoultre's range of watches are, for the most part, elegant and timeless - but this one is a dog.

...the band was playing Dixie: double-four time...

21 August 2008

Autocar please note: facts regarding the actions of car makers should not be reported if they could be interpreted as excessive, at least by johnfaganwilliams

21 August 2008

Ooooh Theoriginalshoe has got "the arse". Looks like a cool watch. I wonder if you shouted "Kitt, get me out of here !" into it whether it would get the car to come and fetch you ?

23 August 2008

Hmmmm - maybe I was a bit over the top, I still think my comments, if not my language, are correct. Obviously any initiatives by a manufacturer are reportable but I was struck by the lack of any editorial comment. The sole quality of this watch that was reported was the fact that it acted as a key fob which seems. to me at least. not to be a sensible reason to buy it. What happens when the car is sold? Does the watch go with it? And what is it worth? Normally one would expect a capital gain on an exclusive watch - but surely this can be bargained down in this case? If not sold, the feature for which, apparently, the purchaser has shelled out c20% of the total cost of the motor car becomes redundant. I think this is a brand extension too far - and I would expect a magazine as reputable as Autocar to do more than a cut and paste of a press release.

23 August 2008

Maybe it opens ALL Aston Martins, hence the price! That way, it would be a reasonable investment which the owner could keep after selling the Aston!

2 September 2008

Fair play to you jfw - agree with your point

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