Latest figures show 9040 people were killed or injured in drink-drive incidents in 2016, a 7% rise on 2015
9 August 2018

The number of people killed or injured in collisions involving illegal alcohol levels is on the rise, according to the latest figures from the Department for Transport. 

Estimates released today (taken from 2016 data) show that 9040 people were killed or injured across the UK in incidents where at least one driver or rider was over the drink-drive limit. That’s an increase of 7% on 2015 figures, and the highest number since 2012.

The total number of drink-drive-related accidents rose by 6% to 6070, while it’s estimated that between 220 and 250 people were killed in such accidents. 

That’s a significant rise over 2015, where 170 drink-drive deaths were reported. The figure represents around 13% of all deaths in road accidents in 2016.

Joshua Harris, director of campaigns at road safety charity Brake, renewed calls for a zero-tolerance approach to drink-driving from the Government. 

“Today’s figures show that drink-driving is an increasing blight on British roads and yet the Government sits on its hands and refuses to address the issue. The current drink-driving limit gives a false impression that it is safe to drink and drive… research has shown even very small amounts of alcohol dramatically affect safe driving.”

“Brake is calling for the Government to implement an effective zero-tolerance drink-drive limit of 20mg per 100ml of blood, making clear to drivers that not a drop of alcohol is safe.”

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9 August 2018

 So, go for zero, do you really think that’ll make much difference?, what about Alcolol availability, you can just about buy it anywhere these Days, and it’s usually on special offer too!, Clubs and Pubs are virtually open all Day and into the small hours of the next Day!, how People can afford to get drunk these Days baffles me!, do they buy a Food,pay the Bills before or after having a drink?, no, I think it’s to late to curb excess drinking, the penalty for drunk driving might as well be six months in a Jail for all that difference would make, apathy?, yes, yes it is.....

Peter Cavellini.

9 August 2018
It's not drivers just over the limit that are the problem. It's the ones that go out and have 5,6, 7 or 8 and drive home that are the liability. Lower the limit and they'll STILL go out and get ratted. The limit makes no difference.

10 August 2018
Joshua Harris wrote:

"research has shown even very small amounts of alcohol dramatically affect safe driving.”


9 August 2018

This is a really frustrating news story. We start with the appalling news that the number of accidents, deaths and injuries linked to illegal alcohol consumption has increased. Clearly, there needs to be some effort to reverse this increase.

Brake then hijacks the story to call for the maximum alcohol level permitted for driving to be reduced. That might or might not have an effect on accidents, injuries and deaths, but the statistics in the story tell us nothing about currently legal alcohol levels. They only tell us about accidents, deaths and injuries involving people who are over the current limit. Presumably, if the limit were lowered, there would be more accidents, deaths and injuries caused by alcohol because more people would fall within the category of driving illegally over the limit.

If other countries have reduced their drink-drive limits as called for by Brake, and this has reduced accidents, deaths and injuries, then we have evidence supporting a reduction in the limit here. But this report gives no statistical support for the change Brake wants to make.

9 August 2018

As has been said above, we have no idea how many people under the current drink drive level are involved in drink related accidents, and without that evidence what is the logic in moving the goal post. I am sure that the problem is people well over the current limit, and lowering the limit wont make any difference to them. None of this makes it OK to drink and drive, or makes any accident acceptable, but any change to the current rules seems most unlikely to have any effect

9 August 2018

Exactly. People also forget that accidents happen throughout the day. Drivers pull out in front of others, mount kerbs, smash into the back of other vehicles, etc, etc, etc.

Most of the accidents that occur during the evening/overnight will probably have happened ANYWAY. Just because the driver may have had a couple of points doesn't necessarily mean that particular accident was actually due to the alcohol in his/her bloodstream. But if the police show up, take a breath sample, all of a sudden bingo - another drink related accident.

9 August 2018
The fact the numbers have risen even a little bit is worrying

If I am the DD I will never touch a drop as I transport VIPs my daughter, partner, family and friends

I fear Laws restricting the amount of alcohol legally allowed to be in a persons system will not make a huge difference as tolerances are pretty stringent anyway..(think it's a pint or less these days ?)

Changing peoples attitude and mindset is the answer but how you go about is going to be challenging.

Unfortunately a zero tolerance and stricter sentencing will have some impact but will not solve the problem

The good news is that less 16-21 year olds are drinking than previous generations so there maybe some hope for the younger generations yet.

9 August 2018

the numbers of drink-drive-related accidents in Scotland fell significantly after the lower limit was introduced.

I am sure Scottish law makers would not want to appear vindictive towards drivers and leave the new limit in place if was found to make no statistical difference, as that would show the change was purely political. ;-)

11 January 2019

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17 January 2019

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