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Land Rover Defender tuner Twisted revamps its model range; launches new Definitive and Ultimate editions with the option of a 6.2-litre V8

Land Rover Defender tuning specialist Twisted has launched two new models and revamped its UK range at the Autosport International show in Birmingham.

The two models, dubbed Definitive and Ultimate Editions, will from now on form the basis of every model Twisted produces. Customers can still specify and further tune their cars to bespoke requirements, but Twisted has designed the new cars to reflect the two price points at which customers normally specify their cars.

The new Twisted Definitive Edition is priced at £49,995; the Twisted Ultimate is priced at £69,995. A range of new specification packages are also available.

In standard guise both cars come with a 2.2-litre four-cylinder diesel engine, producing 163bhp in the Definitive Edition and 187bhp in the Ultimate. Customers can also specify a 3.2-litre diesel, or a top-spec 6.2-litre V8 petrol option producing more than 520bhp.

Definitive models come with improved soundproofing, upgraded suspension and chassis components and a part-leather interior. "It looks different to the standard car, but at heart it's still a Defender," said Twisted managing director Charlie Fawcett.

"Each Edition has a distinct visual appeal, both inside and out, and we will fine-tune both the dynamics and the aesthetics to make a Twisted Defender look and feel distinctly personalised."

Ultimate Edition models get the same treatment, but also include a far more extensive equipment list which features heated leather seats, satellite navigation and Bluetooth connectivity.

Twisted says it is currently building 100 new models per year, with customer modifications being carried out on 150 more. In the future, Fawcett says he wants those figures to grow, but says upscaling won't come as a result of taking on other vehicles.

"We've been approached so many times to do other vehicles, and we don't want to. There are many opportunities out there to do it, but the Defender is us. The Defender is such a wonderful, iconic car that you can do so much with."

Fawcett also reassured potential customers that despite Land Rover ending production of the Defender at the end of 2015, Twisted won't be left in short supply of new vehicles: "The Defender may stop production, but it will still be available for a good while after. Ultimately, every part of the Defender is available in the aftermarket somewhere."

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