Currently reading: New Honda 10-speed gearbox introduced in Odyssey MPV
US-focused model is first to get more efficient ‘box that could replace existing nine-speed item used in the NSX and CR-V

The 10-speed automatic gearbox of the new Honda Odyssey will likely replace the nine-speed ZF unit that’s currently featured in models like the Honda NSX and Honda CR-V.

While Honda has remained tight-lipped about where else the 10-speed unit will end up, sources believe the switch makes financial sense because the nine-speed unit is bought in from ZF, where as the 10-speed has been developed in house by Honda Precision Parts in Georgia.

Honda said at the Odyssey’s reveal in Detroit that the 10-speed offers “outstanding driveability” and improved economy. The gearbox will at first only be offered in higher-spec Odysseys, with the nine-speed featured in lower models. But Honda admitted production of the 10-speed will increase over time, supporting information that it could replace the nine-speed altogether.

Mercedes has recently dismissed the idea of producing its own 10-speed gearbox, stating that nine speeds was the most it would offer in its road cars. But Ford launched its new F-150 with a 10-speed and General Motors has confirmed development of its own 10-cog item, suggesting more brands could follow suit.


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Campervan 11 January 2017

Ten speed autobox

GM and Ford jointly developed a ten speed box for Fordd F150 trucks and similar vehicles. It is shortly going on sale throughout their engine range from V8 petrol, 2.7 and 3.5 EcoBoost and the future 3.0 V6 Dagenham made Diesel engine version. A version of this engine is already on sale equipped to meet US emission laws in the Range Rover etc in the US.
Bishop 10 January 2017

How (R)odius is that?

Wow - Honda's current flat-lining wave of new era styling hits a new low with this. That falling side window-line, accentuated by the panel feature-line beneath it, gives the appearance that the rear has somehow literally collapsed. I never thought the Ssangyong Rodius could ever become an inspiration for anything, and yet here it is ...
March1 10 January 2017

GM 10 speed

The GM 10 speed is the same unit as the Ford 10 speed and has been launched in several US GM vehicles already, all rear wheel drive. The same joint development agreement covers a 9 speed for front wheel drive vehicles too - expect to see it replacing the current 6 speed auto by the end of this year.