Currently reading: MG and Mazda confirmed for London Motor Show
MG will be at the 2016 Battersea Park event, while Mazda will be represented by TW White dealer group
Jim Holder
3 mins read
29 October 2015

MG and Mazda are the latest manufacturers to confirm they will be represented at the London Motor Show, which is due to take place in Battersea in 2016.

The two brands have joined Tesla as confirmed attendees, while the show's organisers are believed to be still attempting to sign up other manufacturers.

MG is the first manufacturer to sign up, and will be displaying its two main models, the MG 3 and the MG 6, at the show. While the manufacturer says that it has “several models planned for the immediate and longer-term future”, it has not confirmed whether any of these will be appearing at the show in the form of concepts or production models.

Mazda, however, will be represented at the show by dealer group T W White & Sons. The group, based in the south of England, will be displaying a selection of Mazda’s new range, with the 2, 3 and MX-5 all expected to be on show.

The dealer group has also confirmed that the MX-5-based Mitsuoka Roadster will also be on display at the show.

At a previous press event for the show, HRH Prince Michael of Kent announced that Aston Martin,  Jaguar, Land Rover and Geely had agreed "multi-million pound" investments to exhibit at the revived London motor show in May 2016.

However, a spokesman subsequently clarified the comment, making it clear that the Prince actually meant to acknowledge these three firm's investment in the UK car industry.

The show will run from 5-8 May 2016 with adult tickets priced at £13. No prices for concessions were revealed, but they were said to be "substantially lower". Prince Michael said the goal is to make the show "rank alongside cities like Geneva and Frankfurt".

He added: "The show will be an opportunity to shine the spotlight on one of the most amazing industries that we have in this country. The show is a very important development for the British motor industry and has come about of its remarkable success."

Although no specifics were given, the show will be built around "several large structures" which will act as hubs to put a focus on various aspects of the motoring industry, including its heritage in an area led by the Beaulieu National Motor Museum, a zone where thought leaders from the industry will be available for seminars, an area focused on road safety and a test drive zone. In addition, Prince Michael revealed that a heliport will be running to take potential customers to race tracks for high-speed test drives, and that there would be an emphasis on family entertainment. 

The official British motor show last ran at London's Excel in 2008. The British motor show's next running was planned for 2010 but was cancelled during the financial crisis after several major manufacturer withdrew their support for the event, making it unsustainable despite impressive visitor numbers. Since then, shows like Goodwood have risen and expanded to fill the void. The SMMT still owns the British motor show name. 


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5 December 2014
London is so anti-car that it's a total anachronism to want a motor show there - if Boris gets his way cars will be banned within the M25 in the forseeable future!

5 December 2014
Not sure why you would want to host anything at Battersea Park. it is so out of the way transport wise for Londoners and those travelling in considering it is so close to the centre.

What is wrong with Excel? It has a dedicated arena, motorway links. No need to drive into the centre. Crazy idea. Good to see the motorshow returning to the UK though.

29 May 2015
Excel is a brilliant venue for shows. The Boat Show was outstanding and they really have their act together.

5 December 2014
I cant imagine going further south than the NEC for a motorshow. London is a crazy place to hold the show. And as for a big emphasis on Electric and Hybrid cars, that is hardly going to draw the crowds either.

5 December 2014
Flop in the making I'm sorry. If the professional and far larger ExCeL centre could not manage a decent show with ALL the manufacturers present (VAG did not show at all in 2008), then I'm sorry Battersea Park certainly won't be more than a niche show for a few dealers. You need ALL the big guys to commit to very expensive stands to make this work and that you can't do in a temporary structure in a park (Though Goodwood does manage it these days). Ever been to MotorExpo in Canary Wharf? It's dire with but a handful of dealer only exhibitions. This can only be worse than that in my book and that then is something I won't pay money to go to.

5 December 2014
Waste of time, Goodwood has worked really hard to get to where they are today, this will only hinder that, you get so much more at Goodwood, than you would ever get at any London Motorshow.

they should put their weight behind expanding goodwood, rather than trying to damage it, and what on earth is he doing getting his nose involved, a London Motor Show will not work, it alienates a vast amount of the public, and it wont be cheap, as they never have been.

5 December 2014

6 December 2014
Since the last Excel show, I've routinely attended the Ecosomething or other show at the old Battersea site and the Canary Wharf Motor Expo. Both of these have diminished year on year. At the outset, I could see Skodas, Nissans, VWs etc at Canary Wharf. Last year it was mainly supercars and expensive stuff. Some folks may say that isn't surprising given that the cars are positioned amongst a load of investment banks but whenever I go there I notice a lot of families and folks who have made the journey from the suburbs and surrounding area. I wish the new show success but fear it will fail for the reasons stated above. Host it in Birmingham again and many more will come. At least JLR would have no excuse for a full turn out, being down the road. Having said that, in fairness to them, they always attend the Motorexpo.

6 December 2014
Firstly, why is HRH making this announcement? And why are SMMT sitting on their hands with this? What else are they actually doing? Excel was a nice venue but too small to compete with the likes of Geneva or Paris. HRH can DREAM ON if he thinks a 3-day event is going to rival those events. The whole announcement is so British, it hurts. Bring back a proper Motor Show, not a rehash of the Canary Wharf thing.

27 May 2015
Won't be going. For most people in Britain, Frankfurt or Geneva are easier to get to.


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