G-Wiz makers to launch two new electric vehicles
15 September 2009

The maker of the G-Wiz electric car, Reva, are showingtwo new electric cars at the Frankfurt motor show.

The Reva NXR is a three-door, four-seater family hatchback that is set to go into production early next year.

See the Reva NXR

Meanwhile, the Reva NXG is a slightly sportier car. It is a two-seater with a targa roof, but won't go on sale until 2011.

Reva will also showcase its new REVive telematics technology. The system allows customers to call or text for an instant recharge should they run out of battery power.

Prices for the new models, plus more technical details, will be announced in Frankfurt.

Tom Richards

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8 September 2009

Jeesz Louise, when are automakers gonna realize that energy-efficient can be sexy. Now you're only gonna be perceived as being cheap, is what TopGear's Jeremy Clarkson would comment. Now the Aptera is a good example of almost outlandishly sexy and frugal. But the guys who invented this do have a safety (perception) and practicality (only two seats) issue I guess. The three-seat Space-Efficient Vehicle is better.


8 September 2009

GEE WIZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


8 September 2009

[quote voyager12]The three-seat Space-Efficient Vehicle is better.[/quote]

Please explain the advantage of being narrower at the back than at the front? Aerodynamics aside this is a complete waste of space. The space the 'car' requires is still limited by its maximum width. How is this "space efficient" in any way other than parking two side by side nose to tail?

8 September 2009

I suppose the car is a horrible green to be natural looking, but why make the shape so odd?

9 September 2009


No,no,no,no,no,no. Please No!

15 September 2010

Read: new-isetta.com

15 September 2010

Its not bad lookind a lot better than the first reva it is very tall do and thats its biggest problem could see it getting blown over in a strong wind lol .

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