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First pictures and details of the Volt MPV revealed at the Beijing motor show

General Motors has revealed this new Volt-based MPV concept at the Beijing motor show.

The five-seat Volt MPV5 is designed to demonstrate the potential of the Volt saloon’s self-charging electric drivetrain and platform for use under other types of vehicle.

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Chevrolet says the MPV5 will carry five occupants up to 32 miles on pure electric propulsion, ‘double what the average urban commuter in China travels each day’.

When the battery is de-charged, the 1.4-liter petrol engine/generator sustains the battery and provides up to 300 miles of electric propulsion.

The Volt’s wheelbase has been stretched by 15mm to 2760mm and the MPV5’s body is 181 mm longer (4,585 mm), 73 mm wider and 182 mm taller than the Volt.

The exterior uses the same blanked-off aero-friendly grille and full-length under tray as the Volt saloon.

The MPV5’s interior carries over the Volt's center stack and instruments.

Chevy says the MPV5 concept has 863-litres of luggage space behind the rear seats and 1764-litres of space with the rear seats folded.

Although Chevrolet sources are not commenting on whether the MPV5 will see production, there’s no doubt that more body styles will be rolled on the Volt platform.214101025314948179x39

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