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New concepts shown at the Tokyo motor show point to an SUV future for the Japanese brand

Mitsubishi is expected to focus on developing SUVs, crossovers and MPVs in future, with the rest of its portfolio emerging from joint venture partnerships, according to an insider at the company.

At the Tokyo motor show the company revealed three concepts, the Mitsubishi GC-PHEV, Mitsubishi Concept AR and Mitsubishi XR-PHEV, all of which met its new brief.

Development of other vehicles is most likely to fall under the auspices of its recently announced joint venture deal with Renault-Nissan, although this has only been publically announced as a project to co-develop a kei car and share future technologies.

“Mitsubishi has found its niche in recent years, and has confidence that it can build market-leading SUVs, crossovers and MPVs, especially with advanced electrification technology,” said the insider. “There’s enough of a business case in that to suggest Mitsubishi has a bright future as a profitable, large niche player in the global car market.”

The move calls in to question the future of cars such as the Mirage and Lancer, which the insider said were likely to be co-developed under the alliance. “So long as a platform can be given the right Mitsubishi attributes, there’s only gains to be had from the strategy,” he said.

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src 24 November 2013

Bejesus that GC-PHEV is one

Bejesus that GC-PHEV is one hideous looking SUV. Dear Mitsubishi please take a look at what Land Rover produce for some ideas or just give up making Automotive products full stop.
Mac Magog 24 November 2013

Agree about GC-PHEV

If that's what they do when they're focusing, they're going to the wrong optician.