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The Mitsubishi Ground Tourer PHEV concept has made its debut at Paris, described as a 'next-generation' SUV

The Mitsubishi GT PHEV concept has been revealed, and is on display at the Paris motor show.

The GT PHEV concept includes the latest iteration of Mitsubishi’s signature ‘dynamic shield’ face. The PHEV name gives away the car’s powertrain: the brand’s hybrid system, which uses a trio of motors. Mitsubishi claims the car has an electric-only range of 120km (around 75 miles), and a combined range of 10 times this.

Next-generation technology has been incorporated into the hybrid system too, with a more advanced battery pack than is seen in Mitsubishi’s current hybrid system.

Mitsubishi explains that the Ground Tourer name comes from the car’s ability to travel great distances and across different terrains, so naturally, the car is all-wheel drive.

The car also showcases Mitsubishi’s connective technology; route information, such as weather and terrain data, is fed to the car while travelling to aid fuel consumption and road handling.

Inside, the GT PHEV concept is trimmed in burgundy leather, to match the colour of the car’s roof. Few details of the interior have been revealed other than this, aside from Mitsubishi’s description of a cocooning dashboard.

Mitsubishi describes the concept as a "high-end, next-generation SUV", suggesting that the model could reach production as Mitsubishi's next flagship.

The eX concept, which has also joined the GT PHEV in Paris, and was given the green light for production after its first appearance at the Tokyo motor show last year, as an all-electric rival to the Nissan Juke. The latest versions of the Outlander and Outlander PHEV are also on display. 

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The Apprentice 14 September 2016

Whatever you think of their

Whatever you think of their cars, there is no doubt Mitsubishi management are some of the most savvy in the industry. They outsmarted most major brands with getting the PHEV to market without major compromises and cheap enough its been a vast success. This again is them planning ahead, the government are consulting on how to change the low emission vehicle company car tax post 2020. They favour a combination of emissions and EV range for the banding. An official range of 70+ miles is likely to be one away from the lowest tax band so 75 is a good target for Mitsubishi. If the car is ready for 2020 it could be the next big company car tax warrior!
xxxx 14 September 2016

electric-only range

I've been harping on about this for some time now, tax laws provided no incentive for a higher battery only mileage so it's good to see Mitsubishi pushing it up to 75 miles. Although I’d like to progress the concept further by offering the option of dumping the ICE for a bigger battery still