Currently reading: Toyota FCV Plus makes European debut at Paris motor show
Toyota's hydrogen concept car previews Toyota's vision for the future of Fuel Cell Vehicles

The Toyota FCV Plus concept car is on display at the Paris motor show, after making its international debut at the Tokyo motor show earlier this year.

The FCV Plus previews Toyota's vision of the future of the car, using compressed hydrogen as its fuel source. When the car isn't in use for transport, it can be used as a generator to make electricity for the driver's home; it can also be used away from the home, and when not in use, it puts energy back into the grid. 

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The car's overriding ethos, according to Toyota, is "how future hydrogen cars can make a positive contribution to society". 

There's a motor for each wheel on the FCV Plus, with the fuel cell stack between the front wheels and the hydrogen tank between the back wheels. Toyota says the car won't reach production for at least 15 years. By the time the FCV Plus does reach production, Toyota expects the hydrogen powertrain to be around half the size of that currently used in the Toyota Mirai FCV. 

At 3800mm long, the FCV Plus is slightly smaller than a Toyota Yaris, but bigger than an Toyota Aygo. It's a little wider and taller than both of these models, at 1750mm across and 1540mm tall. The design is as advanced as you'd expect, with a blue glasshouse dominating the exterior and white bodywork covering the lower third of the car, as well as some of the roof. In true concept car fashion, the rear wheels are covered over.

Inside, there's seating for four in a thoroughly futuristic cabin that features a honeycomb-design structure with no dashboard; there's simply a minimalist steering wheel rising on a tall stalk from the front of the car. 

The FCV Plus was first shown to the public at the Tokyo motor show last year, alongside the S-FR compact sports car

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jason_recliner 29 September 2016

I don't really do the whole 'eco car' thing...

... but that DOES look pretty damn cool! Typical Toyota, bringing the future before the rest of the industry even knows what the future is.
xxxx 13 September 2016


I suppose the French need something to laugh at.