Currently reading: Toyota S-FR sports car concept - technical specifications leaked
Reports suggest entry-level sports car concept will offer 128bhp and be pitched against rivals such as the Mazda MX-5

The Toyota S-FR sports car concept has been revealed at the Tokyo motor show.

The car's specifications have been leaked on an planned Supra successor - which is currently being co-developed with BMW. The leaked specifications suggest a price of around $12,500 for the S-FR in Japan. It's currently unknown whether the car would come to the UK.

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Mark Rodriguez 13 October 2015

A joke, right?

It always amazes me how, given essentially the same styling parameters, designers for one company can come up with cars like the GT4 Stinger and the Niro concept while for another they come up with this.

This looks so laughably ugly I'm now convinced Toyota (and for that matter all Japanese makes) have different aesthetic criteria from the rest of us. For them black is the new white, small is the new big and dog turd is the new stylish.

Someone please tell them to just give it up and let others design for them.

275not599 12 October 2015

Toyota/Lexus has really lost

Toyota/Lexus has really lost the plot when it comes to front end styling/grille. The headlamps make it look like an angry japanimation character. Otherwise, a nice concept
kraftwerk 12 October 2015


...a bit like that Connaught concept from a few years ago.