Currently reading: Skoda Karoq Sportline revealed as SUV’s sporty flagship
Second new version of the Karoq at the Paris motor show gets 18in alloys, sports seats and more aggressive styling
Jimi Beckwith
2 mins read
2 August 2018

Skoda has launched the Karoq Sportline at the Paris motor show, alongside the recently announced Karoq Scout. The Sportline gets sportier styling to complement a mooted Karoq vRS

The Sportline is the only trim to be offered with the 187bhp 2.0-litre TSI petrol engine in the Karoq range, although it’s also available in 187bhp and 148bhp 2.0-litre TDI diesel guises, as well as a 148bhp 1.5-litre TSI version. Only the most powerful diesel gets four-wheel drive as standard, though, as well as a DSG automatic gearbox. Four-wheel drive and the DSG are options across most of the engine range. 

The Sportline is marked out by 18in alloy wheels and different bumpers. Sportline badging on the front wings, as well as tinted windows and black roof rails, also hint at the car’s range-topping status. 

Inside, the seats are bolstered for extra support and finished in an exclusive Thermoflux fabric with silver contrast stitching, which extends to the stitching on the leather steering wheel. A black headliner is also fitted, as are stainless steel pedals and ambient lighting. Like the Scout, the Sportline gets the Volkswagen Group’s Virtual Cockpit display instead of traditional dials. 

The Karoq’s larger SUV sibling, the Kodiaq, also gets a Sportline trim, which will sit below an upcoming Kodiaq vRS performance flagship. That car is due to be revealed alongside the Karoq Sportline at the Paris motor show later this year. 

The Karoq is also expected to gain a vRS-badged sibling along the line, as Skoda continues the expansion of its sporting sub-brand. At the Karoq’s launch last year, however, a final decision hadn't yet been made. 

As with the Scout, prices for the Sportline are as yet unconfirmed, but it’ll likely be a few hundred pounds more than the Scout, as per the Kodiaq Scout and Sportline. Above £28,000 is likely.

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2 August 2018

I bet even the lower-powered versions of this car will be well into the wrong side of 30K when wasn't that long ago that you could get a decent spec executive or proper sports car for what you pay for a small to medium family car now.

2 August 2018

 SUV’s are taking over the Roads, more and more of these Vehicles are getting bought instead of  Saloons, Estates, their not used for there “off road ability” there seen as safer, often only one person in it and they are dearer to buy and run, some are driven even by folk whose aim shall we say is dubious.

2 August 2018
Having 2 German Shepherd and a daughter with all usual paraphernalia that goes with means I was in the market for something with a huge boot, lots of sapce ,comfortable, added luxuries and good looking and 4WD to tackle more dodgy twisty roads round Yorkshire that can be a nightmare in winter .

I didn't even once consider an SUV ,the requirement (for me) can only be served by a trusty estate. So I headed straight the Skoda dealership and picked up a used Superb L&K 190TDI 4WD. As this met the spec and was in my budget ...and saved the equivalent of a used family hatchback over the £30k+ they are asking for the Karoq

Job done until it dies in several hundred thousand miles time.

One of the main reason for not even considering an SUV is the fact my average ' on a unfinished road behind the houses' garage would have to be demolished or have a seriously fancy door mechanism to get the blooming thing in

And the parking bays at work are not exactly the widest things in the world

2 August 2018
The superb is actually wider by 3mm than the karoq

2 August 2018

And the Superb is also about 10cm longer than the Kodiaq, yet has a smaller boot. Skoda’s SUVs are more practical inside and take up less space than their estates. The entire reason we bought one (otherwise we’d have bought the cheaper Superb in an instant). 

3 August 2018
MrTrilby wrote:

And the Superb is also about 10cm longer than the Kodiaq, yet has a smaller boot. Skoda’s SUVs are more practical inside and take up less space than their estates. The entire reason we bought one (otherwise we’d have bought the cheaper Superb in an instant). 

This thread is about the Karoq, not the Kodiak but even then the expression "there are stats, stats and even more stats" applies.

Kodiaq and Superb two different beasts SUV's luggage capacity is a bit false because it's much higher than an estate - who loads their cars to the roofline? Estates (especially Skoda) ten to have longer load bays thus more practical.

Then you factor in the higher load height of an SUV making them more difficult to load.

Then you factor in the different models. Kodiak bigger than Superb loadspace? Only in 5 seat layout. Most Kodiaqs are 7 seat so even with those seats down, despite the advantages mentioned above, the Superb is still bigger.

Had a look at SUV's for my own requirements (we already own a Karoq sized car) but estate far better proposition for us. Ended up buying an Octavia estate. At theis very moment I have the space velour floor mats, a portable stove, a tent, two kayak paddles, two life vests and the seats for my Kayak in the area UNDER the boot floor. That's right, open the hatch and all you can see is a vast empty boot. All that stuff in the car and was still able to get a full size road bike in there tonight with ease and I didn't remove any of the wheels, seat post or handlebars.

From a practicality point of view, a well designed estate will carry lots more than an SUV.

3 August 2018

I think ZenBass was referring to a height restriction in his garage.  I have exactly the same problem:  the (up and over) door and its scissors mechanism seriously restricts the available height.  Even regular cars with "bee-sting" aerials can get caught and SUVs are a non-starter.  It's  listed building so cannot be altered.

4 August 2018

Thanks Scotty B and Daniel Jospeh you both it the nail on th head.

My title of my post was Estate Fan and also the fact I have 2 X German Sheperds to haul around and for this reason an SUV is no good due to height of the load lip. 

We test drove a Karoq when my patner wias looking for a new car and the boot was noticeable smaller 

My partner now has a VW Tiguan which has 615ltrs of space and the Superb has 660ltrs. Not a lot in it tbh but mine is signifacntly bigger, The dogs practically fill my partners boot where in mine they can sprawl out. I think its cause boot capacity is  meansured to the parcel shelf and yes the Tiguan may have nearly the same amount of space but I think this is because it has greater height between the boot floor and the parcel shelf, the Superb has a narrower distance between wider and longer more usable space.

In terms of size, yes ther Karoq is 3mm narrow than the Superb but I was meaning SUVs in general, ..probably didnt make myself clear on that :)

And Thank You Daniel Jospeh and Scotty5 you have hit the nail on the head , especially the garage door being up and and over, My partner used to park her Focus in the garge and I parked me in the space next to it, since getting the Tigaun its the other wat round as there is no way it would even fit under the door.

Its a personal choice as always but I am an Estate Fan because they just fulfil the breif ..   :)

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