Currently reading: New Vauxhall Corsa spotted undisguised ahead of year-end launch
Vauxhall's new Corsa has been spotted undisguised at an official photo shoot in Paris, as the model prepares to go on late this year

The first undisguised pictures of the new Vauxhall Corsa have appeared online ahead of its expected debut at the Paris motor show in October.

Taken during an official photoshoot for the car, pictures of this five-door model have been published on and since circulated online. The new Corsa is likely to go on sale before the end of this year, with order books opening following its Paris debut.

Based on a heavily revised version of the current car's platform, the new Corsa takes on similar looks to the current Vauxhall Adam, including that car's more prominent front grille and larger company logo. A new lower air intake can also be seen at the front alongside revised headlight clusters and an overall softer shape than the current car. At the rear, a smaller screen sits alongside a new boot aperture and newly designed tail-light clusters. 

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Vauxhall is expected to considerably lift the interior of the current car to make it more premium. That means a leap both in terms of fit and finish but also in terms of the materials used and the technology on offer. A larger central infotainment screen than offered on today's car is likely.

Engines powering the new model are set to include a range of turbocharged petrol options between 1.0 and 1.4-litres in capacity. They'll sit alongside a frugal 1.6-litre diesel.

The firm's design director Mark Adams has already spoken about the importance of the new Corsa. He says the model will make Vauxhall competitive again, and will take the car to "a different level". In an interview late last year Adams said: "In the UK the Corsa has been consistently first or second on the sales lists, we're confident the new car will take it to the next level." He also noted the new car would have better perceived quality, as well as a sophisticated feel.

The Corsa will become the first of two major new product launches for Vauxhall in the coming months. We've recently spotted plenty of new Astra prototypes testing, with that model due to reach showrooms before the end of next year.

Rumours also continue to circulate regarding Vaxhall's new budget model, which is based on the next-generation Chevrolet Spark and will aim to take on the Dacia Sandero when it goes on sale as early as next year. Sources suggest that model could be priced from as little as £6000, and could be the first in a trio of new models smaller than the Corsa.

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Shrub 21 June 2014

Be a nice alternative to a Dacia Sandero after discount

because let's face it that will be the price comparison point. I recently looked for a new family car and saw brand new Zafiras on sale at dealers for about £12k. A VW Touran or Toyota Verso adds £6k to this. Still didn't buy one though.
Moparman 20 June 2014

Best from the inside?

I know that GM is out to lift interior quality and new engines are being readied so those will hopefully take care those complaints. However, the exterior styling looks quite the hodge-podge of current rivals such as Renault and the Golf. That the nose goes so far out in front of the wheels doesn't bode well for tidy handing either. I think Ford and VW can sleep well tonight.
jonboy4969 20 June 2014

**YAWN** Such dire comments


Such dire comments from people that have no idea, as per usual, "ooo lets all slag off the corsa because it looks like the current one"

OOO, look at the new Golf, if looks tha same as the last one, it brilliant, best car in the world blah blah blah, too many double standards here.

It is a Vauxhall, end of, not an Opel, Opels sell in very minute numbers in the UK, yes, it is built to a price, like ALL CARS ARE, it is also bound by legislation, laws and local requirements, hence why all cars are beginning to look the same.

The Current Corsa is brilliant, to say it is not then you really have no idea, Vauxhall has a small car thats getting on, yet they still rate in the top three every month of the year, and were on a dozen or so away from beating Focus last month, its testament to the great deisgn, that it is still selling after all these years.

The new one is not going to vary too much from the old, why should it, Golfs dont, and have never done since the MK2, The Focus is again, just a few changes away from about two generations back, there are millions of Corsa's around the globe, if they were that crap, they would not have sold them, so please before you all jump on the bandwagen, because you think it is big, or funny, try getting your facts right.... or dont, your the ones that looks stupid.

winniethewoo 20 June 2014


mcdonalds sell millions upon millions of burgers a year. will you argue that because they sell so many their burgers arent crap? they are nutritionally sound, and taste as good as say a posh burger from a real restaurant? you also forget that GM and its Vauxhall subsidiary would have gone bust if they werent bailed out by the us government. They have not made a profit in Europe since the previous century. Their world operations outside the US also fail to make profit. Could this be because their cars are so crap and have to be sold so cheap that they can't make a profit on them, despite their HUGE sales figures? Infact they are only kept afloat by US sales of SUVs and Pickups, accounting for 87% of their profits. many people dont care about cars... they have limited funds and so would rather get a newer crap car than an older better one for financial reasons. that is understandable, but in no way does this sort of decision making mean the cars are any good.

I have hired many corsas, of all generations over the years and have driven them many hundreds of miles in them. without exception they were all crap. they are shit miserable little cars. Although I would totally understand if someone drove a Vauxhall for financial reasons, I would argue Vauxhall owners who drive their cars because they think they are good and would publicly stick up for them being quality items are the ones who need their heads examined. It can only be based on selection bias and / or total ignorance of whats out there (VX220 exempted).