Currently reading: Next Vauxhall Corsa will make brand competitive again, says design boss
Vauxhall design boss Mark Adams says the firm's next Corsa will take the model's styling to a 'new level'

Vauxhall design boss Mark Adams has given several hints on what the next-generation Astra and Corsa models will look like.

In an interview on YouTube, Adams said the next Corsa would take the model's design "to a different level".

"It's not too far away, it is very close," he said "We're excited about it. It takes the technology, appearance and powertrain to a new level to make us truly competitive again.

"In the UK the Corsa has been consistently first or second on the sales lists, we're confident the new car will take it to the next level".

Adams says the new-generation Corsa will major on perceived quality and will have a "sophisticated feel".

The new Corsa, which is expected to launch in 2015, has already been spotted testing at the Nurburgring. The fifth-generation car will be built on a GM platform, which itself will likely be a development of the platform used for the Vauxhall Mokka.

A range of highly efficient turbocharged petrol engines, likely ranging between 1.0 and 1.4-litres in capacity, are expected alongside a frugal 1.6-litre diesel variant.

Adams also revealed new details about the next-generation Vauxhall Astra, saying the car "will be more efficient in the way it's put together, and from a design perspective is a very exciting car. It has a dynamic, sporty design and dials all of that up. It hits the sweet spot of what people are looking for in that sector". 

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Marc 16 November 2013

Oh, and none of this changes

Oh, and none of this changes the fact, that it is, without doubt one of the dullest cars on sale today.
Cobnapint 15 November 2013

Doesn't stick a chance

I took the OH out last year to the local Vauxhall and Ford dealerships so she could test drive a new 1.4 SE Corsa, and a 1.25 Zetec Fiesta. We both came away totally stunned as to how shite the Corsa was, as we were both expecting the opposite. Shite steering, sloppy gearchange, hard ride, and whoever signed off the glove box needs a check up from the neck up. The Fiesta, on the other hand was a revelation, and it was Ford that took the cheque. And I don't know about taking the model's design to a different level...from the testing shot it just looks like an old one thats had a broadsheet newspaper fly into it's path. And isn't it the Chevrolet Aveo thats presently running around on this 'new' Corsa platform, not the Mokka...or maybe they both are...I dunno....nor you?
scotty5 15 November 2013

Your funny Flex-ible friend

Just read an advert in today's motoring section of the daily rag. which may be of interest to some. Under the heading "Flex-ible Friend", it reads: David Boyd, Arnold Clark Vauxhall franchise manager, said "The Corsa EcoFlex has been praised for it's speed on the road and ease of driving. It is a joy to be at the wheel of it, and the performance on both town and country roads is testament to the work that goes into both the mechanics and the handling of the Corsa" We then have a picture of said car and a favourable write -up, by the 'independent' ? journalist. (who just happens to praise every car supplied by Arnie,) At the bottom of the article is the Factfile on the Corsa. Model: Vauxhall Corsa 1.0i Expression EcoFlex Power: 64bhp Top Speed: 96mph 0-62mph: 18.2 secs So if you people want to experience a car praised for it's speed, ease of driving and performance around town and country roads, best get yourself a Corsa EcoFlex before they're all snapped up. 18.2 secs !!!!!! Could that be the slowest new car on sale in the UK?