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Classic concept cars, production-ready models and a hydrogen-filled future. Here are our star cars from the LA motor show 2014

The LA motor show has given us a glimpse of the future - whether it be in the rise of hydrogen fuell cell-powered cars like Toyota's Mirai, through new production models including Mazda's CX-3 or Jaguar's AWD F-type, or further afield with Audi's Prologue.

While the show halls are packed with new metal, here are our expert's picks of the best cars on display at the LA motor show.

Mazda CX-3 

The Mazda CX3 stood out because it will easily be the best looking of the new small SUV pack. Judging by the cabin of the show car, it will feel like the highest quality one too as it takes fit and finish a notch or two above other Mazdas. Let’s hope it drives just as well, and it will be the complete article - Chas Hallett


It's the new super-plush Merc for me, simply because I like the idea of a top-spec S-class that admits it's an S-class - unlike the previous Maybach. If people want a chance to pay extra for an optimised version of the world's best luxury saloon, why shouldn't they have it? - Steve Cropley

Audi Prologue

The sleek two door prologue points the way forward for Audi, whose future models are set to share elements of its highly technical styling treatment created under the guise of its design boss, Marc Lichte. It is a terrifically detailed concept with nuances in the surfacing and subtle creases throughout the body, that fully reflect the German car maker’s traditional attention to aesthetic detail - Greg Kable

Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang

A Mustang with over 500bhp? Good. A normally aspirated Mustang with over 500bhp? Very good indeed. But one with a flat plane crankshaft, walk-into-lamp-post looks and designed to be at its best when driven flat out around a race track, too. That could be automotive nirvana right there - Andrew Frankel

Dodge Charger Hellcat 

Clearly the leader in the 700bhp+ family car segment, it’s the $63,995 Dodge Charger Hellcat. Dodge says it’s the most powerful four-door saloon in the world and even Mercedes couldn’t argue. I wonder how many husbands in America will be trying to sneak one of these monsters onto the family fleet by de-badging it and claiming it’s the economy model? The styling’s not brilliant, but you can’t argue with 707bhp - Colin Goodwin

Jaguar F-type manual

How do you make a Jaguar F-type even more beautiful? Just about the only answer was unveiled in LA, with the reveal of a stick shift sat between the front seats. Only the small matter of getting it linked to the V8 to consider now - Jim Holder

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Cadillac ATS-V

The ATS-V is the sort of US performance car that would have passed me by in the past - good on paper, but somewhat underwhelming to drive against Europe’s best. Then I drove the quite brilliant new Corvette Stingray, definitely the surprise package of the year. The ATS-V is developed by many of the same folk from General Motors. Could it be 2015’s surprise package? - Mark Tisshaw

Toyota Mirai

The external styling is challenging, but Toyota's Mirai undoubtedly played its part in a big show for fuel cell vehicles. It was our first chance to see the cabin, and it looks better resolved and higher quality than a Prius's - handy, given that the asking price is bound to be a fair whack higher too - John McIlroy

What's been your star of the LA motor show? Let us know in the comments section below, and read more LA motor show news here

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