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New Corvette-powered convertible could be unveiled at Goodwood show in July

Nikolai Smolenski, the Russian oligarch who owns TVR, has revealed plans to revive the marque with a new Corvette-engined model to be produced in Germany.

The cars are likely to be built by Gullwing, which currently makes the AC MkVI, the successor to the AC Cobra. Alan Lubinsky, AC’s owner, said discussions to make TVRs are under way, but no deal has been concluded as yet.

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Smolenski bought TVR from its long-time owner, the late Peter Wheeler, in 2004 for a rumoured £15 million, but was unable to sustain production and the company collapsed in 2006 amid considerable acrimony, leaving around 250 workers without jobs.

Smolenski has been linked with secret plans to show a new prototype TVR at Goodwood’s Moving Motor Show in July.

In an exclusive interview with Autocar, Smolenski revealed that his new car will have a modified version of the traditional steel backbone chassis and all-independent suspension that were used for all previous TVR models.

There is no question of reviving TVR’s own-design V8 or straight six engines, Smolenski said, due to homologation and cost reasons.

“We looked at every engine available — including making our own — and decided that the Corvette was the most powerful off-the-shelf design going. Fitting it to our chassis allows us to meet all current regulations and is not too big a step.”

In the longer term, the revived TVR company plans a hybrid concept, said Smolenski. “I always wanted an automatic model,” he said, “but the chassis wouldn’t allow either a regular auto or an automated manual. The hybrid concept would allow us to kick out the conventional gearbox completely.”

The first new-generation TVRs will be convertibles, reminiscent of the Tuscan, because Smolenski believes that most customers prefer open-top cars. It is too early to forecast names or prices, he said, but a new car “shouldn’t cost any more” than the European price of an equivalent Corvette.

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Peter Cavellini 3 May 2010

Re: TVR back with new roadster

If he had the man vegitables he'd re-open the Blackpool factory and build a car here, ok, it was never the most reliable car but that was what some owners/diy'ers liked, and i can't believe he couldn't source an engine if he built it in the UK!

artill 2 May 2010

Re: TVR back with new roadster

Los Angeles wrote:

artill wrote:
TVR will still exist, and the world will be a better place because of that.

That line applied to car companies always causes laughter. I have a feeling it is a lyric from a song... "Doesn't matter if it's crap or tat, the world will be a better place for that."

If a TVR badge ever ends up on an economy hatch, or a people carrier then yes they should have been allowed to die, but for now if you have driven or even been in one you would understand.

Johnnytheboy 2 May 2010

Re: TVR back with new roadster

I would have said 'let TVR die' too until a recent car meet in Cheddar Gorge where a lot of TVRs turned up (including a Typhon - late and rare), and I've got to say they looked and sounded stunning. Much more like a proper sports car should than a lot of the competititon.