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New Lexus LF-SA shows off possible look of a new city car concept and revised spindle grille design

The new Lexus LF-SA city car concept has made its global debut at the Geneva motor show

The small car previews the car maker's planned Mini and Audi A1 rival, although it is significantly smaller than both these cars in concept form. The LF-SA is 3400mm long, 1700mm wide and 1430mm high.

Despite these compact dimensions, Lexus says that the LF-SA concept is capable of carrying four passengers in a 2+2 seating layout. It is focused around the driver with a fixed driver's seat and a passenger seat that slides back and forth. The wheel and pedals can be adjusted to fit the driver, rather than the seat moving.

The rest of the cabin is relatively spartan, with a hologram-style infotainment system that is integrated within the instrument display. It also comes with a wide angle head-up display.

The LF-SA's spindle grille design could also become a future design cue for the brand.

A company statement adds: "The LF-SA has been conceived as a luxurious, driver-focused vehicle, designed to address a future world that is more influenced by technology and virtual experiences.

"The new concept reflects Lexus's passion for new design trends and explores unexpected territories for the brand."

Senior Lexus officials told an Australian website last year that the company planned to introduce a sub-CT200h model in Geneva. Global head of Lexus design Tokuo Fukuichi revealed the plans, saying a smaller model was something the company was "seriously considering".

The LF-SA is expected to be based on the Toyota Yaris platform and should come to market as an entry-level Lexus option in 2018, soon after the second-generation CT range is revealed. A range of engine options, including downsized turbocharged petrols and at least one hybrid version, is expected.

Lexus is also showcasing its GS F performance car and LF-C2 roadster concept at the Geneva show.

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McJohn 2 March 2015

Unspeakably horrid!

The grille ... they are joking right? I mean they wouldn't seriously make something that ghastly? Ye Gods, to think that some people would actually buy that too, it's truly unspeakable!
5wheels 2 March 2015

Rover - Lexus

Well as I absolutely loved the 620 Ti which was one of the best Q cars at the time oozing with standard kit - ssr/leather/electric all round/hs/hm/to mention but a few - and nice real wood trim. They didnt die because no one wanted them - the died through awful management which was the fate of all BL/BMC etc before them. I still see the odd 620 (not the Ti though) and smile because - it is style a beautiful looking car more so than its successor.
This Lexus - great - we need in the mini segment something alive and interesting - this fits the bill - yes it should have come out of the mothers stable - but that would have shocked the workforce not to mention the world at large. As for the mouth - I think I would fix some speakers in there and have Queen pounding out "we are the champions!!! or Barcellona" lol (may as well go the whole hog.
ordinary bloke 2 March 2015

Seems Lexus have decided ......

..... to produce the world's ugliest car. I thought Toyota had decided to drop the iQ sub-mini car, looks like Lexus have picked up the baton and decided to have another go. Truly horrible in every respect - what are they thinking ?