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The new Civic Type R has been shown at the Geneva motor show, but why should you buy one over its rivals?

The 2017 Honda Civic Type R has been unveiled at the Geneva motor show

We've caught up with project boss Hideki Kakinuma to talk about the firm's new hot hatch.

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What has changed over the outgoing Type R?

“There is a new platform and a new suspension system. But, what we’ve paid most attention to is the direct driving feel, so that a driver can feel in control at the wheel.”

Why haven’t you opted for four-wheel drive, like some of your rivals?

“Having four-wheel drive has benefits, such as slightly better driving performance off-road and on snow, but competitors have a different purpose for their vehicles. The Type R has traditional DNA: lightweight construction, pure dynamic performance. With four-wheel drive, the price and weight increase. We didn’t want to go in that direction.”

Why should a buyer choose the Type R over the Mercedes-AMG A45 or Volkswagen VW Golf GTI Clubsport S?

“The AMG is an excellent and stable car, but instead of the driver driving the vehicle, the vehicle is driving the driver. The Clubsport S is really specifically designed to beat the ’Ring record. The Type R is a different direction: sporty but offering comfort to customers and allowing the driver to drive the vehicle as he wants to.”

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Honda Civic Type R: will it be good to drive?

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