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Special-edition model celebrates brand's French heritage; is limited to 20 examples

Bugatti has revealed a special, ultra-exclusive version of the Chiron Sport as part of the brand's 110th anniversary.

Described as a “tribute to France” and the brand’s Molsheim base, the Chiron Sport '110 ans Bugatti' features unique design and colour changes inside and out and is limited to just 20 examples.

Much of the 1479bhp hypercar’s bodywork revisions are themed around France's blue, white and red tricolour flag. The most prominent use of that is on the underside of the Chiron’s movable rear wing, while stripes also feature on the door mirrors and aluminium filler caps on both sides.

On display at this year's Geneva motor show, the special edition is marked out by a special two-tone colour scheme, with Steel Blue matt paint at the rear and Steel Blue Carbon for the exposed carbonfibre at the front. 

The livery is designed to visually separate the car’s monocoque and engine compartment, according to Bugatti. Matt black wheels covering blue brake calipers complete the main exterior revisions.

Inside, the car features tricolour stripes down the headrests and backrests of the two-tone blue leather and Alcantara seats. The recently added Sky View glass panel roof, optional on the standard Chiron, is also made standard, while a solid silver medallion mounted on a carbonfibre plate is fitted to the centre console.

The model's mechanical make-up is identical to that of the regular Chiron Sport, which was revealed at last year’s Geneva motor show. That means its quad-turbocharged 8.0-litre W16 engine makes it good for a 2.5sec 0-62mph time and a top speed limited to 261mph.

Pricing details for the '110 ans Bugatti' are yet to be announced. 

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abkq 5 March 2019

All luxury car makers (Rolls,

All luxury car makers (Rolls, Bentley, or pretend_luxury marques like Maybach & Maserati) feel the need to have their logo embossed on to the headrests and other prominent places. In this case the "Bugatti 110 ans" tattooed onto the headrests is particularly crass.
scrap 4 March 2019

Finally... Zoolander has his

Finally... Zoolander has his perfect car.

275not599 8 February 2019

Putting Dijon mustard on a

Putting Dijon mustard on a frankfurter doesn't make it French.  Also that shade of blue isn't French racing blue, but I really like it.