Maserati reacts to leaked images of its first high-riding model by issuing official pics of the Levante, which will go on sale in the spring
Darren Moss
19 February 2016

The exterior design of the new Maserati Levante SUV has been revealed in official images released by the Italian manufacturer ahead of the car's official debut at the Geneva motor show next month.

Maserati issued the pictures in reaction to leaked versions of the images, which were originally published on a Dutch news website and later circulated online.

Updated - see official pictures of the new Maserati Levante at the Geneva motor show

The manufacturer confirmed a few snippets of technical information about the new model, stating that its “chassis is designed to combine the outstanding on-road performance typical of every Maserati with unrivalled handling even on very low-grip surfaces and an excellent off-road performance and ride”.

All versions of the Levante will feature sophisticated electronic suspension with controlled damping and adjustable air springs, Maserati’s Q4 all-wheel drive system and an eight-speed automatic transmission calibrated specifically for the SUV.

Maserati has confirmed that the Levante - which has recently been spied testing - will be offered with a choice of petrol or diesel powerplants. However, the unofficial leaked information goes into more detail, suggesting that at least two petrol and one diesel version of the Levante will be available at launch.

It reports that both the Levante 350 and the Levante 430 will use the same 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine that already features in the Ghibli and Quattroporte. The Levante 350 is claimed to be capable of covering 0-62mph in 6.3sec with a top speed of 151mph, while the Levante 430 can manage the 0-62mph sprint in 5.2sec and goes on to a top speed of 164mph.

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The diesel engine is also a 3.0-litre V6, and can cover 0-62mph in 6.9sec before hitting its top speed of 143mph.

As well as these powertrains, the Levante is likely to borrow the Quattroporte's V8 engine in a range-topping performance version. A plug-in hybrid version of the Levante is also planned.

The images reveal that the new Levante features a dramatically sculpured bonnet with a bold interpretation of Maserti's front grille, a new design of tapered headlights split into two elements and large front air intakes. Maserati's trademark three air vents feature on the front wings, while there are frameless door windows, a trapezoidal C-pillar featuring the Saetta logo seen on the Ghibli and other Maseratis, a spoiler mounted at the top of the boot and four exhaust exits.

There are also stylistic nods to 2011's Kubang concept car, which first signalled Maserati's intent to enter the SUV market.

Also among the leaked images, but not included in the official ones issued by Maserati, is a look at the new car's interior, which includes steering-wheel mounted paddles for the automatic transmission and a large central infotainment screen.

The launch of the Levante is a crucial moment for Maserati, as the firm looks to capitalise on the profitable and growing luxury SUV market. The Levante will compete with the likes of the Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz GLE and Audi Q5. The Levante could quickly become Maserati's biggest seller, as the firm looks to grow sales to 70,000 units by 2018.

Speaking to Autocar, Maserati boss Harald Wester confirmed that the Levante would be priced to sit in between the £53,580 and the £81,660 Quattroporte. A starting price of around £65,000 is likely.

The first examples of the Maserati Levante have already rolled off of the Mirafiori production line in Turin, Italy.

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19 February 2016
I see a honest work, but nothing to die for. In the lateral and posterior view I find too many recalls (Porsche and Infinity above all). The front grille saves the overall impression, but I feel a little bit disappointed. Hope to be wrong.

19 February 2016
Apart from the front grille, this could be anything really.

19 February 2016
Oh dear...

19 February 2016
Well, on this evidence the F-Pace will have an even bigger queue.....This just proves that, outside of Ferrari, Italy has no 'premium' that's going to take the fight to Germans. JLR stands alone.......


19 February 2016
Agreed: the F-Pace is a much cleaner and more assertive design. This looks overly fussy and a bit "saggy" the over-large double radius wheelarches make it look very under-wheeled. Disappointing.

20 February 2016
You can't seem to beat Ian Callum & Team for sheer any level. Other than dyed-in-the-wool Maserati fans with more money than sense who'll go for a petrol, I can't see a VM-powered Levante remotely bothering a Macan Diesel S or F-Face S....


19 February 2016
How could they mess this up so badly? And that grille, hideous! Makes the Cayenne look almost handsome.

19 February 2016
Guess it's better to be inside looking out. Looks like it was 'styled' in North Korea. For the sake of Pete, what has happened to car design !

19 February 2016
What's this supposed to be, a gentleman's Ferrari? Maybe this will be its biggest selling point. Or its rarity. Cant see many people choosing this (over Porsche or Jag for example) for its intrinsic qualities But its rarity value may appeal to some, which is not what the company wants. The Fiat group has already messed up Lancia - another gentleman's choice - is Maserati going the same way in the long term? A hand crafted interior with monogrammed headrests is not going to help when the most recognizable feature on the exterior are those three little holes over the front wheelarch.

19 February 2016
I honestly 'saw' an Infinity QX70. Am I alone?


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