Currently reading: Mazda CX-4 pictures leaked onto internet ahead of Beijing reveal
Crossover inspired by Koeru concept to make its debut this month; expected on sale in 2017
Sam Sheehan
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7 April 2016

New pictures of Mazda's upcoming CX-4 crossover have surfaced online on Chinese website Netease, just hours after the manufacturer released its latest teaser images.

The car, which is due to make its global debut at the Beijing motor show this month, takes influence from the Koeru crossover coupé concept of Frankfurt 2015 (shown below). It will sit between the CX-3 and CX-5 in Mazda’s SUV line-up.

Updated - See the new Mazda CX-4

These latest pictures confirm that the Koeru concept's coupé roofline and slim glasshouse have been kept for the CX-4 production model and support information that the car will share most of its underpinnings with the CX-5.

It’s expected to have the same wheelbase as the CX-5 and a near-identical overall length, and it’s likely that it’ll also share some of the CX-5’s powertrain options. These include turbocharged four-cylinder diesel and petrol engines in front and four-wheel drive formats.

The CX-4 is due to go on sale in 2017, but Mazda says it won't come to the UK, because it is a China-focused model.

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14 March 2016
Something tells me that the Chinese customer won't take to a car with the number 4 in its name. 4 is bad luck in superstitious Chinese mindsets... hence the Citroen C4 became the C-Quatre for China. Mind you, do they sell the BMW 4-Series there?

14 March 2016
...would put the styling closer to a jacked-up 3 hatch. Will be interesting to see the official release photos. As I suggested earlier, it would address the interior space issues of the CX-3.
As an aside;
I still think Mazda should bring the CX-9 to the UK. I think it would sell well enough against the likes of the Sorento, Santa Fe and maybe even as an alternative to the Discovery Sport. SUV's are big business now.

15 March 2016
I am not sure an inbetweeny for the CX3 and CX5 is really needed, the CX3 covers the HRV, Yeti. X1, Q1 and people that don't need too much space range. The CX5 looks big as its boxy but space wise it covers the CRV, Sportage, Tiguan, Kuga area in reality. What they really need is a new large SUV with 7 seat option after giving up on the CX7.

7 April 2016
The Apprentice wrote:

What they really need is a new large SUV with 7 seat option after giving up on the CX7.

Mazda recently released a very good looking 7 seat CX-9 but have said it's a US only model, but I believe that car would do very well in Europe too! It would offer competition for the likes of the Kia Sorrento/Hyundai Santa-Fe and even lower spec'd LR Discovery Sport models.

6 April 2016
Mazda have seriously missed a trick in the UK. There's nothing much wrong with the CX-3, in fact it has much going for it, but I'm sure there will be many sales lost because it's just too small. What's the point of a SUV that doesn't have any rear space inside and can't carry any loads? It can't even carry a kiddies pushchair without having to dismantle it first. By replacing the CX-3 with the CX-4 Mazda would most certainly increase their market share. CX-5? Unfortunately for me it's just that little too big. Whilst the HR-V has it's faults, it's almost unbeatable in the overall size -v- space ratio, the CX-4 would have provided competition to that and the Qashqai/Kadjar.

7 April 2016
Personally think this is better looking (from the pictures at least) than either the CX-3 or CX-5.

Still don't desire to own one.

7 April 2016
I like the flowing lines and wish the somewhat rigid looking F-pace had taken inspiration from this and came up with something more fluid, more enticing. Jaguar design used to be about soft contours but alas no longer.

8 April 2016
Mazda could give BMW and Mercedes lessons in how to design an attractive, sporty-looking SUV. It's a travesty it won't be coming to the UK.

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