Currently reading: UK to face EU legal action for lack of response to Dieselgate
The EU will start legal proceedings against countries it believes failed to correctly enforce environmental law

The European Commission will start legal proceedings against the UK for not enforcing environmental law during the Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal.

According to reports on the Financial Times, Britain, along with Germany and up to seven other offending EU countries, will have to explain why it didn’t follow EU law that requires governments to punish environmental breaches.

Volkswagen’s use of emissions test cheat devices on its cars breached environmental law, and according to Brussels, the matter should have been met with more action from national governments.

Brussels will now send formal letters out to nations that it believes failed to uphold EU law. If the countries’ responses are not satisfactory, Brussels can move the case to the European courts.

VW emissions scandal: environmental watchdog slams government reaction

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bowsersheepdog 11 December 2016

Second chance saloon

Oh goodie. Another chance to tell the EU to fuck off.
fadyady 8 December 2016


Ok our government did not do their job but what did the EU do? One year since the Americans exposed Volkswagen's fraud what have the EU done so far? Have they penalised Volkswagen that is hiding snug in Angela Merkel's panties? Are they going to fine Volkswagen a penny for breaking the emissions as well as all the laws of decency?
russ13b 8 December 2016

isn't this becoming boring?

as no car actually does the mpg as claimed from the test, no car can actually be doing the emissions as claimed from the test. they aren't somehow independent of each other. for all that they cheated to pass the test this simple fact still stands, and as such if a vw type approval shouldn't have been issued, none of them should have been.